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  1. Sooo, Because of all you wonderful DC fans, I really want a Detective Conan game!!! I just have a few questions though. 1) Are they in English? 2) Where can I buy them? 3) Do I need to buy them in a certain order? 4) Can they work on Wii or the DS lite/ 3DS?? This would help alot
  2. just saw DC movie 16!!! OMG i was sweating bullets durring the duduction!!!

  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. Best Birthday ever!

    1. Jewel


      happy birthday!! \o/

    2. Jewel


      what did you do?

    3. Eimzy


      I had a friend visit me from across the country just for 3 days!!! shes so sweet. then we hung out on the island a bit

  5. Happy Birthday!! (=

  6. new laptop :D brings a new meaning to "go to your room!"

  7. One of my friends just asked me if people sell Heijis "SAX cap".I have no idea. Can Someone help?

  8. OKAY! How long does it usually take people to sub Detective Conan episodes? (and movies?)

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    2. Wakarimashita


      Usually a week for episodes (it can take 3 days or a week and a half though). Movies come out late october-early november because the DVD is released only in october.

    3. Kyuu Nye

      Kyuu Nye

      2 Things... 1) This is probably the worst place to ask. There are only 2 active DCTP staff members on this forum. Which are Parkur and myself. And I have nothing to do with the anime, so that leaves one who could possibly answer your question with any degree of accuracy

      2) What Parkur said. There is no usual amount of time. Each case is done on a standalone basis. So the time varies. DCTP elects quality over speed.

    4. MadelineLime


      ^Hell yes quality!

  9. hello how r u ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  10. I think it would be better if you posted these comments as a status so the people on the site can see it rather than just people who visit your profile. ^^

  11. OKAY! How long does it usually take people to sub Detective Conan episodes? (and movies?)

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