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  1. Yup!Sorry for the late reply. I was taking a shower.

  2. Nope,I'm a Chinese. You?

  3. Hehh! Cool! I haven't been to Sarawak.Is it a beautiful place??

  4. I love that anime a lot...only that..it's so SAD!! *sob sob sob*

  5. Thanks for the add! ^.^

  6. Yeah...I guess...*hugs back*

  7. Welcome to DCW Flowern! Hope you like it here! ^.^ Have fun!
  8. So lucky!!! My holiday break only starts next month...haizzz..*SIGH*

  9. Your drawing is so amazing! Where did you learn how to draw so well?? It's very nice! ^.^
  10. Hehh...Rose-chan ka? You just came home from school??

  11. Toshiko


    It's very nice. I like both of the AMVs but if I got to decide between ShinichixRan and ConanxAi , I would prefer ShinichixRan XD
  12. Hi Emiko-chan! I'm just back from school..^.^

  13. Hi Emiko! watcha doing?

  14. Heh..so friendly twins eh??

  15. Heh..so friendly twins eh??

  16. Wow! You both are twins?!

  17. Wow! You both are twins?!

  18. I see...try watching ginban kaleidoscope...it's quite sad. >.<

  19. It's quite nice though the first two seasons are about two girls fighting for a boy. But I would say the final season is sort of the nicest..^.^

  20. O.o ohh...college/university is it??

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