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  1. Happy Birthday!! (=

  2. In some sort of twisted way, I'd argue that APTX-4869 qualifies here. Which is definitely what I'd choose. I mean, who doesn't want an untraceable poison that can be used to kill people for fun without being caught to become an adorable four-year-old genius, ?
  3. It's a conspiracy, I tell you! Is there actual proof that they have met him/her/it in person and aren't just contacted by phone and such? I didn't know that. I mean, if DC follows up on its overly sci-fi plot, Anokata could even be the codename of a supercomputer or something and not a person as far as I'm aware.
  4. I'll say it again: "for all we know", . I rather doubt it personally, but until he or she has a name and a face, there's no real certainty to his or her existence. Besides, I still put "impossible to convict" or "psychological control" ahead of having a big, evil organization.
  5. You know, while it's very possible that I'm not up to date on my teenage romantic jargon, last I checked, you "fall for someone" and not "fall" in general. Of course, you guys know better, xD. I mean, you know it pretty clearly when you're falling from the meaning I know of it, what with gravity pulling you down and no solid object breaking the fall.
  6. "The Criminal" by a mile. Kaito Kid is pretty much comic relief, BO members are but pawns in a bigger plot and Anokata, for all we know, is just an imaginary figure Gin uses to control the BO members. I really don't know enough about Snake to judge him, but I doubt he can outdo the immortal master of all crimes who has a perfect disguise and manages to perfectly frame others for his crimes, often with irrefutable evidence, going as far as to have them confess. Or, if I want to be all profound, I can instead go on about how "The Criminal" can take over the negative feelings people harbour towards others and turn them into real crimes with painful reprecussions for all parties involved regardless of the usual natures and personalities of these people. Beat that, Conan. The best you can do is force a criminal into a suicide she he likely would have committed anyway and even the best of lawyers would have much difficulty convicting you for.
  7. Does buying thirteen at the same time count? Yay for birthdays. And having no life, xD.
  8. The fact that I can't is what makes her an awesome character, . Haibara has been shown to be more than just one thing. I mean, for example, if I say "smart", then I fail to represent her entire situation with the Black Organization (you'd need several words for this alone), her great attachment to her deceased sister, her pleasantly sarcastic attitude towards (yet overall appreciation of and trust in) Conan, her almost motherly treatment of the Detective Boys (and even Agasa, xD), her occasionally shown interests in fashion (slightly random, but makes her seem normal beneath her BO-induced personality)... The list goes on. Her awesomeness is made by the fact that there's so many different aspects to her personality - so much depth to her character - that you'd need pages and pages of writing to completely capture her. This is especially interesting because it's contrary to most other DC characters, who are very lacking in depth. I mean, give me two words each and I'll pretty much manage a description of most other characters that they won't contradict more than once in fifty cases, especially since there's usually some general cliché in popular culture upon which they're based. *sigh* I am a Haibara fanboy...
  9. Thanks. (For 100 pages, though, that's more easily summarized than I would imagine, xD) I don't think I'd be of much use, though, so I'll stay in the audience for the moment. Looks like this'll be a lot of fun to read, .
  10. Reading the first few pages and the last few pages, it seems that this would be a lot of fun to follow. Since it's a bit difficult reading over 100 pages with more than a few off-topic posts, would any of you be oh-so-kind enough to briefly summarize the plot of this story so far, ? I'm beyond impressed with all your collective writing skills and ability to cooperate already, though, . Pretty much every other RP I've seen online seems to have had a completely incoherent plotline with its characters and such a jumbled mess.
  11. I tried really hard to find the Kindaichi Case Files anime after watching Detective School Q, which is also by Seimaru Amagi/Tadashi Agi, since I don't like reading manga that much, but I rather gave up on it after a while since I can't seem to find it anywhere online.

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