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    'Eri Kisaki Victim' could mean two thing. - They are former clients of Eri, who lost their cases and blames Eri for it. - Or they could be clients of the opponents in her cases who lost, because Eri and her clients won.
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    Hello again. It's been a while since this topic has been used but when I was reading wiki, I noticed this one thing and thought, why not to put it out here. So, I was reading the summaries of the movies and noticed that with the older ones the plot part and the final explanation are really difficult to read. Simply because it's all in one piece and just a wall of text. If I were to compare movie 7 to movie 17, it's easy to say which one is clearer and easier to read in general.
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    That's why this mistake needed to be fixed, more than anything else. It even gives off a potential impression that it was done on purpose as a last effort to throw people off. While I don't think that was the case (hence my use of the word "potential"), it could come off to some like it was. Gosho, after all, as you've often pointed out, is not a cheater, in terms of mystery writing.
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    I am going to assume Gosho was rushing and not crosschecking reference notes for when things happen and thus got the relative ages wrong. Or maybe something even weirder happened and he meant to draw Masumi instead of Shuukichi. Either way, his editor should have been paying attention and pointed out the inconsistency. Kor pointed out there were many incongruous scenes in the flashback that simply contradicted earlier lead-up panels. The whole Akai flashback case was kind of messy and pretty odd anyway. Personally, I think the flashback's plot was either a last minute extreme rush job that wasn't outlined properly beforehand or there must have been some serious logical or plot problem that required a total last minute rework. I am kinda glad it got fixed because I remember everyone in the forums and cbox was real confused when that panel appeared. The apparent age difference between the kid and Shuukichi started a lot of arguments about who the child was.
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    D: Pour it over your head. Or make you drink it. What would you do if I annoyed you to infinity?
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