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    This is my collection of poems! I hope you like it! Feel free to give your comments and suggestions! ---------------------------------- SAY NO TO PLAIGARISM! Detective Conan is not mine, okay? ----------------------------- ENTRY 1: TRUTH A DC FANPOEM I am Shinichi Kudou, that's right, I am the one focused by the spotlight, For the police, I am their light, The greatest detective in my delight. Everything has never been so fine, It's all bright like a sunshine, I have a career that is up on a cline, And the girl I love, my gold mine. But not all things last, as they say, That's when I witnessed a possible foul play, I thought I won and kept them at bay, I never know there's still a raven who wanted me to be his prey! Almost unconscious, he forced me to drink An unknown poison, I can't even think, What was happening, in my mind it can't sink, That I didn't even realized that I shrinked! In this unfortunate incident I may have survived, It's just like I have revived, But the hell, the things I thrived, All were lost when I became a child! Because of this I made a decision, Shinichi Kudou will be missing in action, And I am now Conan Edogawa in a mission, Hunting the ravens who were still in action! And all I did was to tell her to wait, I know that towards me she may feel hate, But I just can't let this ruin her fate, I can't lure her to them to be a bait. So for now, I am the Silver Bullet who follow their trail, The pipsqueak guy who has a keen eye for detail. Just to put them behind bars, I shall never fail, Because I know, ONE TRUTH WILL ALWAYS PREVAIL! Copyright © 2013 by chickenj0yZ.ai All rights reserved. Published on WATTPAD: http://www.wattpad.com/story/6383956-truth --------------------------------- Entry # 2: Defective Detective A DC FanPoem I am Kogorou Mouri, a detective. A man, they said, who is always defective, I drink, I gamble, as long as I live, They said, even we divorced, I never grieved. You may see me as another madman, You may just think that I am good to no one, You may feel I'm better off in a trash can, But I'm not perfect, I'm still a human. They, who always spread rumors about me, Don't even know the tip of the iceberg, you see. You may not realize, but I'm a man of dignity, For justice, I will never let the culprit free. My childhood friend, my first love, Eri Kisaki, I never intended to hurt her, and let her flee. She may see me as an old man who loves the word 'sexy', But the truth is, I cried for her, and still love her like crazy. And my daughter, Ran, the reason why I live, For her, anything, everything, I can and I will give, I love her more than you could imagine and believe, Whoever hurts her, I will never ever forgive. Who I really am, I hope it came into light, I may not be as bad as you think I might, I maybe even better than others, that is right, All I'm just afraid of, is having a flight! I am Kogorou Mouri, still a detective, But recently, I am no longer as defective, Now I can solve cases that are hard to believe, Though I wonder, I always felt sleepy when I perceive. END Copyright © 2013 by chickenj0yZ.ai All rights reserved. PUBLISHED ON WATTPAD: http://www.wattpad.com/story/6471867-defective-detective ------------------------------------------------------------------ Entry # 3: It's Showtime A DC Fanpoem A happy-go-lucky guy, that's what you may see, From outside is a mere highschooler, wild and free. Born of a magician, which soon is what I'll be, With this, you can say, that I'm just ordinary. But behind this facade's a famous man worldwide, Hunted by police for the law I can't abide, Stealing is my game, with magic by my side, Kaitou Kid's my name, the thief in me that I hide. It's my father's legacy, that I continue, To find his murderer, is the job that I knew. While stealing treasures that are too good to be true, I am looking for justice, finding any clue. But having two personas is like gambling in a card, For I have a bestfriend who calls me a retard; A girl whose father wants Kaitou Kid off his guard, A girl whom I never knew, I could fall in love so hard. And so the best decision that I have to make, Is just to weave lies and promises I will break; I may live in pretense, I may be just a fake, Just to not hurt her, I'll do it all for her sake. So for now, I am the thief who outwits all of them, The handsome burglar who can strip their panties' hem; The white guy with a monocle is my emblem, I bet you already know who I really am. IT'S SHOWTIME!!~ END IT'S SHOWTIME Copyright © 2013 by chickenj0yZ.ai All rights reserved.
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    Maybe it's just me, but I miss it when Gin just went around killing people. He needs to do more of that. He's been getting soft. Though seriously, even if Gin appears briefly talking with Vodka, I'd be happy. He's always a few steps behind anyway.
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    ^ You sure do have a lot of trouble with today's world, for someone so young. But yeah. Besides AL is... never mind.
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    Guys, quit flirting all over Aster's thread~ You're creeping out the young'ns xP
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