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    ...Whoa. I'm flattered, Yuki~ Don't worry, I know you'll be able to draw quickly someday. Just keep on practicing. And taking long in drawing isn't bad at all. As they say, slowly but surely. And you'll be able to make more details and be more accurate. So, practice! You'll get there someday. Oh yeah.....I'll start posting my drawings from Instagram soon. Or should I just link you to it? Hahah. I'd really appreciate it if you would check out my Instagram account: @xhiiroi Here's a link to the web version of IG, and my account. http://instagram.com/xhiiroi Thanks! I'll try to post my drawings here, too. Edit: This is a drawing of Neptune from Hyperdimension Neptunia, which I posted on Instagram a long time ago. I'd like your opinion...how is it? :>
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    (I am okay with continuing. Even if we cancel this round and start the next round, I'm not sure we have enough people as most people are still busy this time of the year due to exams coming soon. I suggest we can continue this round until Moho comes back and let him decide what to do with it then. Else, you can do as you deem fit I guess~) (Btw, a summary. Oh... Read moho's first intro post to understand btw. >__< Well the wars have started and there's this weapon we need to stop. Can't really remember but something like particle bomb or something... Similar to nuclear but more destructive. It was said that it will prime in a week and the armed forces will use it against us. While trying to stop this, we encountered a scenario where Sakila was actually the niece of Armed Forces leader - grey field. She tricked him and got greyfield captured. Just then, the Intelligent services leader, T, appeared to tell Sakila that her long lost parents whom she was looking for is with them, so in order for her to find them, she will have to kill Mokou, which she just did. Now, she is looking and perhaps waiting to join the Intelligent services. Also, since greyfield is out, Yi took over the AF. Anything else in the story is random. =V there's this hint that Ash/sparrow is also actually related to greyfield but not yet revealed. ) (Okay, there. A little messed up with the sequence but no matter. Doesn't change much. Hope it's not too short to understand >__<)
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    New drawing! This was my gift to conankoibito-chan to her bday I imitate Gosho Aoyama Style using pencil colors! what do you think? you can visit and watch maybe on my devianart : http://angelranchan.deviantart.com and tumblr : angelranchan.tumblr.com Thanks!
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    yay!! My First ever colorate drawing!! Drawn and colored by me~! ^.^= OHOHOHOHO~! ah...If I joined Secret Santa, I probably give this to Wildheart / Vawli / to my twin sister, redangelran(she also cosplayed kagome irl!!) but this is for everybody now!! hohoho~ (forgive me because its not beautiful and drawing and color is not pleasing to your eyes)
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    October 28,2011 Mai Kuraki is already 29 years old!! unbelievable!!! xDD she's still young!! xDDD Happy Birthday Mai Kuraki!! This is for you!!! I did All My Best but I guess this isn't enough v.v
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