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    Ermm....I don't know how to start this. But...... Hello, everyone! Whatssupp?? ^^ And as u know, I'm a new member here. So I think I have to introduce myself to you all~ *even though I've registered yesterday lol* but well, its not too late, right? ^^ I'm sachan btw. My name is Sa***. But bcz I think my name is kinda ridiculous, soo u just have to call me sa-chan =)) Im thirteen..and a high school freshman. Im a gymnast too!! But it was so bad cuz I couldnt join the london olympics (Nah?) D: And...what else? Well, I'm so bad at drawing something. Simply, I can't draw. The only thing I can draw is stickfigures lol -__-. Maybe thats why I like anime I'm amazed at how they draw. In a word, thats so 'amazing'! Anyway, I joined this forum because my friend introduced me to it. She knows that I like Detective Conan. And she told me to join this forum. And......actually I've stalked this forum for about 2 weeks And finally.. I decided to join So here I am! Hope u guys will take care of me Thank you and have a blessed day all! ^^ P.S: Sorry for my bad english. My grammar is so messed up, huh? Just so you know, English is my third language. So its lil bit hard for me.
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    Hey fellow DC luvers! So thanks to the kind suggestion of TheBlackTac I'm here to introduce myself. First and foremost I was introduced to the intriguing and thrilling world of Detective Conan by a school friend early this year, and I was instantly hooked (although I must admit that I was slightly put-off by the style of drawing at first... like their ears seemed much too large for their heads xD). I've seen around 500 episodes to date, plus nearly all the Magic Kaito episodes and all the movies. This is a little querulous of me to mention but at times I even stayed up late to watch DC even though I had major exams the next day. Anyway enough talk about my DC addiction. Personally I love to read (e.g. Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Jane Austen, Sherlock Holmes), watch movies, surf youtube, and play sports although I'm not much of an athlete. I'm pretty much interested in anything to do with sci-fi and mysteries. I hate shopping, math and sleeping (yes you heard that right). When I grow up and get a job the first thing I'm going to do is to save up for a trip to Japan. Yep that's about all I have to say for now! Sorry for the awkwardness and do bear with my newbie antics for the time being and I hope to get to uhh... yeah know all of you better as we... embark on this journey of... epic awesomeness... together... *melts into a miserable pool of lameness*
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    Dear Anonymous(es), As a human, I need some privacy. So, when someone like me going through what I'm going through tries to nicely explain that he's definitely, 100% old enough to sleep in his room, I shouldn't get that kind of threatening. If you think about it, to him, it's some kind of using me, using the room. If he isn't even playing in there, he should AT LEAST sleep in it. And stop trying to deny I'm your "test subject" and that he and any other future siblings would be treated the same. Yeah, right. That's the most ridiculous lie I've ever heard. Anyway, while you guys are trying to get the responsible, non-rebellious, technical side of me brought up (which you're failing in, F.Y.I, which only proves I have pretty good acting skills), you're ignoring everything else. What about my emotions? What about how I feel? I'm not the Little Miss Perfect innocent person you think I am, so if you already failed trying to build that side of me, can't you at least realize I'm not an errand-running robot with no emotions and which needs no time to rest? Can't you at least sit there and talk to me? Now that I think about it, do you guys even KNOW ANYTHING about me, how I feel, my personality? It was inside him, you know, everything you think is in me, but now it's just killed because of you guys taking it easy. You think he's the innocent little guy, and I'll tell you what he is: he's a liar, a faker, a guy with a mind like Kira. His faking makes him anything he wants to be. My acting, on the other hand, make me be the happy, no-worries person with a fake smile that people think is a real one because it's the only one they've ever known. I lie to you and act dumb so you guys don't worry much. But I figured you don't worry, not even a little. Don't you think I might need help in anything? Seriously, even saying he's not me? Do you really believe I'm perfect? Yet you still call me irresponsible, you shout at me when he starts crying because he tried hitting me and I blocked that with my arm and his hand happened to clash into that orange bracelet, you blame everything on me because I'm supposedly the mature one, the person who knows everything. You don't even pay attention to the expression on my face when you ask me to do something and I haven't eaten for over 12 hours and was spending the whole day doing all the housework, closing the door on that little hot kitchen so YOU wouldnt be bothered by the smell. If something ever happens to me, I won't be turning to you, rather away from you. Prepare for emotional breakdown. Can't you look or listen to your daughter? Signed, Emotionless errand robot living in your house.
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