Conan vs. Kid vs. Yaiba - The Grand Battle for the Treasure Sword!!

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Title: Conan vs. Kid vs. Yaiba - The Grand Battle for the Treasure Sword!!
Japanese Title: コナンvsキッドvsヤイバ 宝刀争奪大決戦!!
(Konan tai Kiddo tai Yaiba Hōtō Soudatsu Daikessen)
Original airdate: 2000
Manga source: Magic Kaito Volume 3: Chapter 5
Cast: Conan Edogawa
Kogoro Mouri
Ran Mouri
Ai Haibara
Detective Boys
Heiji Hattori (Conan transformation)
Shinichi Kudo
Ginzo Nakamori
Kaito Kuroba
Kaitou Kid
Akako Koizumi
Yaiba Kurogane
Sayaka Mine
Musashi Miyamoto
Gerozaimon Geroda
Raizo Mine
Shizuka Mine
Sayaka's Grandmother
Kenjuro Kurogane
Takeshi Onimaru
Case solved by: Conan Edogawa
Director: Yasuichiro Yamamoto
Screenplay: Kazunari Kouchi
Storyboard: Yasuichiro Yamamoto
Technical Director: Yasuichiro Yamamoto
Animation Director: Atsushi Aono
Closing song: Natsu no Maboroshi
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[edit] Situation

At elementary school, Mitsuhiko brought twenty-four volume manga for Conan to read and Mitsuhiko felt exhausted. Conan got shocked about Mitsuhiko carrying all twenty-four volume manga would be very difficult to carry.

After school, Mitsuhiko got the game called Dream Station Bug, Kamen Yaiba III. The Detective Boys decided to play the game at Conan's place. Suddenly, the strange person in a cloak asks the Detective Boys if they want to see the future with the mystical orb. Ayumi called the strange person an old witch and the strange person got angry hearing that. The strange person reveals to be the seventeen year old witch, Akako Koizumi. The Detective Boys are impressed and they're also impressed about the mystical orb. Akako tells the Detective Boys that the mystical orb has been passed down in her family from generation to generation. It answers whatever the questions she ask. Akako now asks the mystical orb about anything the orb wants to tell Conan. The mystical orb said, "At the place where thou shalt meet a tiger, a vulture, and a giant frog. Thou must be ready to solve whatever comes." The Detective Boys are very curious about the tiger, the vulture, and the giant frog. Akako now tells Conan and the Detective Boys to be very careful. She laughs and disappears. Conan thinks this is very strange.

At the Mouri Detective Agency, the two new clients came to meet the private detective, Kogoro Mouri. Ran offers the teas and the clients thank her. Conan and the Detective Boys arrived. The clients are Shizuka and Sayaka and they want to ask Kogoro to protect the treasured sword at their household because of the announcement from Kaitou Kid.


Treasured Sword Anime.jpg

Thief: Kaitou Kid
Target: Treasured Sword
Owner: Mine family
Location: Mine household
Advanced Notice: Tonight at 8:00, I shall call at your honorable home to receive your treasured sword.
A prized sword owned by the Mine family.

Kogoro accepts the job to protect the treasured sword so Shizuka and Sayaka thanked him very much. Conan now notices he has a feeling that he had seen those people before.

At the Mine household, the mean old lady which is Sayaka's grandmother, more commonly known as Goinkyo is telling Ginzo Nakamori and the policemen to get out, but Nakamori is telling her about Kaitou Kid. She doesn't care and she doesn't want any assistance from Nakamori. She suddenly kicked them out in a rage of fury. She thinks she will protect the treasured sword and Nakamori then said fine that she won't come crying to him later. Sayaka arrives at her house and asks her grandmother what she is doing. Goinkyo is just dealing with the policemen. She suddenly asks Sayaka who are the other people behind her. Sayaka introduces Kogoro, Ran, Conan, and the Detective Boys to her grandmother. After that, they went inside except the policemen which they will guard outside the house to look for Kid.

In the house, the samurai kid named Yaiba is curious about Kaitou Kid which he actually calls him, "Kanchou Kid". Goinkyo explains to Yaiba that Kaitou Kid is a lowly thief. Yaiba got pretty excited to get ready to fight against the thief. Ran appears to him and she thinks Yaiba is so cute. Ran asks his name and Yaiba said, "I'm Yaiba." The Detective Boys laughed and Yaiba asked why they are laughing. The Detective Boys think he's not Kamen Yaiba but Yaiba scolds at them that he's not Kamen Yaiba. Until sudden, Yaiba asked what Kamen Yaiba is and the Detective Boys collapsed.

Kogoro, Ran, and Conan are meeting with the man named Raizo Mine, who's the head of the household. Meanwhile at night, the Detective Boys are just looking around the big yard until they find the tail of the kitten. Actually, it was a tiger. The Detective Boys got scared and run off, but they run into the frogman and the vulture. The Detective Boys are crying for help. Conan, Kogoro, Ran, went to them and ask what's wrong. Nakamori and the policemen went to them to see if Kid's there. It was a false alarm. The Detective Boys just ran into some animals. Nakamori felt so down there's no Kid. So they went back to their positions. The tiger's name is Kagetora, the vulture's name is Shonosuke, and the frogman's name is Gerozaimon. It's just like the predictions from the mystical orb while ago. Sayaka told Kagetora, Shonosuke, and Gerozaimon not to scared the Detective Boys.

When Kogoro and Ran went back inside, they met Yaiba's father named Kenjuro. Kenjuro offers Kogoro to have a drink with him. Kogoro would love to but Ran can't let him. Conan asks Goinkyo of where the treasured sword is located, but she doesn't know. Conan found the baijiu which gives him the original form before. He asked Goinkyo if she drinks alcohol baijiu and she said she uses it in various herbal treatments. Conan asks if he could have some a little bit and pretends he has a little cold. She said why not so she's about to grab the baijiu but actually grabs the small bottle that contains a secret medicine. She poured it in a cup and gave it to Conan. Conan acts very nervous and drinks it. Suddenly his body hurts inside. Conan asks for seconds, but Ran found him and asks Conan what does he mean, "seconds". When she found the baijiu, she got mad at Conan because she thinks Conan's been drinking alcohol. Conan tries to tell her that it's not what it looks like, but Ran doesn't want to hear it. She grabbed Conan's hand and went back to the room where Kogoro and Kenjuro are. When she entered, Kogoro and Kenjuro are laughing happily and also very drunk. They've been drinking a lot of alcohol.

Nakamori and his men are taking their positions to look for Kid. At the top of the building far away, Kaito is using the binoculars to take a look at Mine household. He dressed up as Kaitou Kid and jump off the building which he uses the hang glider to fly in the air. While flying, he bumped into Shonosuke and Kid falls into the pool. Kid's head bumped into Gerozaimon's head and Gerozaimon cried, "It hurts, gero!" Raizo opens the shoji screen door to check what's going on. Gerozaimon is looking around and got confused. He doesn't see anything suspicious around him. After that, Raizo told him to go back to sleep. Kid is now at the roof and wonders why there's monsters in the house. He doesn't care anyway so he walks on the roof to find the treasured sword. The roof collapsed and Kid falls into Sayaka's room. Sayaka got surprised and Kid told her to be quiet by saying, "shhh". Sayaka got upset by asking if he's Kaitou Kid, but Kid just now acts as a gentleman by acting charmful to her. He kissed her cheek and Sayaka is now in the love fantasy with Kid. Kid kindly asks Sayaka where the treasured sword is and Sayaka told Kid it's in the kendo dojo. Kid thanked her and left. Sayaka is still in the love fantasy about Kid.

While Kid's looking around, Shizuka appears holding her bamboo sword in her possession to not let Kid get the treasured sword. Kid demands Shizuka to put the bamboo sword away and kindly gave the rose to her. Also, he kissed her hand and Shizuka is now in the love fantasy. When Kid passes her, Goinkyo appears with the naginata (Japanese pole weapon) to not let Kid pass. Kid is now getting tired of it. Suddenly, Raizo appears and got angry about Kid that he bewitches his wife and daughter. Conan found Kid and Kid has to finish the situation quick. Kid uses his cape to cover Goinkyo to change her kimono into a beautiful dress. Kid tells Goinkyo that she is the most charming one and kisses her hand. Goinkyo is now in the love fantasy. Conan is still chasing Kid and Kid runs fast. Conan can't still catch up to capture Kid, but suddenly he had an idea.

Conan got the secret medicine and went to the toilet in private. He opened the bottle and drank it. When Ran is helping Kogoro to walk right, Conan opens the bathroom door and found Ran. It looks like Conan has turned into Kogoro. Ran is now shocked that there's two of his fathers. Conan got confused so he touched his face and realized it. The real Kogoro thinks Conan (in the transformation of Kogoro) is disguised as Kid. Nakamori hears it and chases after him. The rest of the poilcemen also chase Conan.

At the front of the kendo dojo, Kid opens the door and found the treasured sword. The treasured sword was tied to Yaiba's head. Yaiba calls Kaitou Kid, "Kanchou Kid", that he's been waiting for him. Kid tells Yaiba that it's, "Kaitou". All of a sudden, Yaiba rushes to Kid and swings his sword to slash Kid but missed. When Yaiba is about to attack again, Kid blocks Yaiba's attack with his card gun. Kid just acts out that he sees something and Yaiba got curious by looking behind of what Kid is looking at. Kid just untied the headband and got the treasured sword.

Conan (as Kogoro) hides from the policemen and drinks again from the bottle. The police are still looking for him until all of a sudden, Heiji Hattori appears.

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