Yumi Shizukusa

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Yumi Shizukusa

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Japanese name: 滴草由実
Gender: Female
Date of birth: July 9, 1984
Place of birth: Kagoshima, Japan
Genres: Japanese pop, R&B
Years active: 2002-2021
Labels: GIZA Studio (2002-2005)
NORTHERN MUSIC (2007-2021)
Website: yumi-shizukusa.com

Yumi Shizukusa (滴草由実 Shizukusa Yumi?) with a pseudonym named Shizuku (しずく Shizuku?) is a Japanese pop/R&B singer under NORTHERN MUSIC label.

Yumi Shizukusa won the "SUPER STARLIGHT CONTEST" audition organized by GIZA Studio on April 2002 and was signed by the label. Her first work was on Mai Kuraki's "The Beach Boys" cover compilation album, GIZA Studio "MAI-K & FRIENDS HOTROD BEACH PARTY", released in July of that year. Shizukusa sang "CALIFORNIA GIRLS".

In 2003, Shizukusa took part in the indies compilation album DAY TRACK "Lady Master Soul" with the song "Don't Say Don't Love". In July 2nd 2003, she released her major debut single "Don't you wanna see me <oh> tonight?".

She transferred to ZAIN RECORDS in 2006, and in the following year she was moved to NORTHERN MUSIC label.

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