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| japanese-name    = 速い羽 (はやいはね)
| japanese-name    = 速い羽 (はやいはね)
| english-name      = SwiftFeather
| english-name      = SwiftFeather
| image            = Conanedogawa.jpg
| image            = kaitokid2.png
| age              = 18
| age              = 18
| gender            = Female
| gender            = Female

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Hayai Hane


Japanese name: 速い羽 (はやいはね)
English name: SwiftFeather
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Nicknames: Swifty, Swift
Aliases: Ching
First appearance: 25th November 2011
Appearances: Not...yet.

SwiftFeather is a lame name created by this girl who lives in Singapore. She first coined this name on a Fullmetal Alchemist forum many years ago and has been abusing it ever since. And yes, she has been constantly mistaken as a boy because of the way she talks (like a man) and her lame name. Actually, in secret, she is a boy. (Just joking.)

Childhood Life and Background

Swift is born on 29th July 1993 in Singapore, Singapore. She has one older brother and one older sister. Her childhood life was stereotypical and normal... unless you see what she got into when she was young. She even ended up with her very own wikipedia aritcle. Which doesn't make sense. At all. Yes, that's right, that's really her, and up till today she still laughs at it.

Current Life

Swift is currently still studying, and hoping to get into local universities. She learns Japanese as a side-enrichment thing, and is currently trying to learn how to be a troll. She is currently very appreciative that you are reading this badly written user page. She is currently loving Detective Conan World.

She loves cosplaying because she likes to have fun and be able to do artsy stuff related to the anime and manga world. She also enjoys drawing, writing and crafting original stories and reading Yaoi.

For your information, her family doesn't approve of anything she does in the above paragraph, so she does all of them in secret. She's a genius, no?

Detective Conan

Swift started reading/loving/watching/spazzing about Detective Conan since she was Secondary 2, which in Singapore terms, she's about 13 years old. She fell in love with Kaito Kid right away, like all the other girls. She enjoys chasing the movies every year and has watched them all like a gazillion times. She's also somewhat loyal to manga itself, though occasionally skipping chapters because it's too long - just like how she treats the anime.

She prefers Conan Edogawa over Kudo Shinichi because she's such a pedo- I meant, she likes little boys. But hey, she also likes ikemen (handsome men)! You can find out more about what she likes in the side bar.

Oh and she loves it when Conan Edogawa gets hurt or falls ill because she's just so sadistic. LMAO.

Other Places I Lurk At

You can find me on Twitter here. You can also try adding me on Facebook, but just so you know I don't accept EVERYONE. So if you're from DCW, please do send a message to me first :) And warning: My wall is full of crap.