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The below section needs to be overhauled to show verification. Unless these are the opinions of a professional art critic, Gosho's art evolution needs to be backed up by a series of images demonstrating the differences. Also the text was copied verbatim from the DCwikia site. Although not required because of the licensing arrangements for wikis, it would be preferable not to clone their stuff on principle. Chekhov MacGuffin talk 07:51, 17 February 2013 (PST)

Drawing style

Gosho Aoyama's drawing of Atsuko Maeda.

Gosho Aoyama's drawing style drastically changed over the years as being a manga artist. His drawing style could be compared back then as "being a Shōjo type" or "not fitted for a Shōnen Magazine". Aoyama's art back then was somehow what sloppy or little bit messy but managed to keep up with his will of art. It is known that Aoyama probably drawn his former series in loose lines, while later he stated that he is using long lines to make his art fine.

Aoyama stated that he uses realistic animals, locations, trees, and cars. He got them from books which he copies them over and later drawn it himself which it looks more realistic. Gosho Aoyama's coloring art is also great. It is unknown how he's coloring his characters in the manga, but it is known how he colors them in when he is creating characters from real life. He uses short lines to color in and evenly when he is creating a poster for a new film from his series. Standard in Gosho Aoyama's drawing is the ears of the characters and the eyes, which is colored blue with a black pupil and in the mid a shining horizontal line and most popular the nose of each character which only the underside of the nose is seen instead of the whole only by adults the line has been seen. Gosho Aoyama also did the character designs of the popular children anime series Hamtaro.

-Source Detective Conan Wikia's Gosho Aoyama page