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List of puzzles is a work in progress. This page is a work in progress. Please consider filling in the missing pieces if you are able.

This list includes ciphers, riddles and puzzles that have appeared in Detective Conan series. It may contain spoilers about puzzles solutions.


Digital devices & Number ciphers

Episode 14

  • Calculator numbers when read upside down yields English letters (see also: Calculator spelling).
  • In the case the cipher was 3,135,134,162. When read upside down yields "291 Heisei E".

Episode 105

  • L, N, R are the initials of Light, Night, Right.
  • 1100: is read as hyaku no o meaning the king of the beasts which is the lion.
  • 330 = is read as Misao.

Episode 123

  • 9109: When seperated to 9-10-9 and read in kanji will be: Tsukumo which is the name of the culprit.
  • 110: Japanese police number.
  • 2003: when readed in digital device vertically looks like "MOON".
  • 0: in weather symbols, a non-shaded circle means clear weather.
  • 00: in weather symbols, two circles inside each other means cloudy weather.
  • 096: reads in kanji: marunikuru meaning a black circle, which indicates a rainy weather.
  • 5656: reads in kanji: goru goru, which is the sound of the lightning.

Episode 163

  • Dancing men cipher.
  • Caesar cipher.
  • Hiragana cipher.