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I am sympathetic to your desire to edit because you have put a lot of work quickly and voluminously into the site, but why should I return your editing privileges after what has happened? You did more of the same thing that got you blocked in the first place using alternate accounts (Sogeking, Neutron, Hotaka) multiple times, and you lied about it. This was never about arguing with me (arguing is normal on a wiki and part of the process), it is about trust. Quoting from Wikipedia's blocking policy, "Blocks serve to protect the project from harm, and reduce likely future problems. Blocks may escalate in duration if problems recur. They are meted out not as retribution but to protect the project and other users from disruption and inappropriate conduct, and to deter any future possible repetitions of inappropriate conduct."
What am I supposed to do as a moderator when confronted with someone removing information unnecessarily, undoing your edits to continue, and deleting your explanations and requests to stop and talk it out on his talk page? It's my job to stop stuff like that, so I did. Sockpuppeting is bad enough, but removing the information again just validates that the block is necessary to prevent further harm, and that you are not a trustworthy editor. These sorrys you have given me after being caught have been so many empty words; if you were really sorry, you would have stopped with the information deletion. That is why I waited when dealing with your sockpuppets. I flagged them as likely you right away (pretty much all of them in the first or second day they were made), and started a little evidence list for each. It's true that I didn't act right away on them because I wanted to be sure they were you first, but the other reason why I let them slide for as long as I did is because I wanted to see if you were serious about your apologies. I was disappointed three times. How many times is enough?
There is not a lot I can do here because your actions demonstrate you are unlikely to adhere to any sort of probation I could propose to as a trust rebuilder. I don’t think that I can convince you that limiting the people boxes to only exactly what is listed in the anime is counterproductive because 1) the people boxes are summaries of important suspect/character information, and relevant details are not always listed in the blue boxes in the anime (or even listed at all in some cases) 2) carbon copying the suspect boxes has no advantage over being flexible with information inclusion which may be desirable in some cases. About the only thing left to prove yourself with is to adhere to the block, maybe chiming in on the main forums with things that need fixing or things you would like to upload, etc, and get off early on good behavior because you meant it this time. What do you suggest? Chekhov MacGuffin talk 23:40, 23 September 2012 (UTC)
PS. Not editing pages with this account when you are supposed to be blocked would probably be a good start, unless it is a user subpage or something like that. That way I wouldn't have to ban it.
By all means, please stick to the block. Getting full editing privileges back in a week is too much to expect given everything that has happened because I still don't believe you will stop doing the same sorts of things, but if you can manage to stick to the block for a week, at least I will have reason to believe that you are trustworthy enough try some sort of probation, like being allowed to edit everything except episode and volume pages for a while (This sort of thing is called a topic ban btw). Chekhov MacGuffin talk 00:00, 24 September 2012 (UTC)
Then feel free to start now. I've dropped the block settings to six months which is the block time the mods first agreed on. If they agree to the probation proposal (it will probably be similar to what I suggested above -no episodes, no volumes, or other pages with people sections), I will then manually lower the settings to one week minus the number of days since you started (so one week total). The week will reset if you edit sometime within that period. Chekhov MacGuffin talk 00:15, 24 September 2012 (UTC)