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I have a question, are you Korean? If you are, I am too. :) --User:S261157

How do you know that?!?!? --[User:Eunyong1002]]

I searched your user name on Google. And it seems your from Korea Republic. Wow I'm good. LOL By the way, can we be friends on the forum?
I'm Only 9.
Nine, I see. Anyway, Can I add you as a friend on a forum?
Great, what's your forum name? Click on the forum tab at top and look at the right top corner to see your forum name.
That's your wiki name. Click on the forum on top and look to the right top corner to see your forum name.
The Great Detective
Thank you! Check your profile feed on your forum profile so we can chit chat! :)
Where is it???
Click on forum, go to your profile by clicking the The Great Detective name and once your there, find Profile Feed.

S261157 or Ghostbot[edit]

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