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Age: 11
Gender: Male
Nicknames: Noki
Aliases: Ectvalenz
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Don't give up!!

— Catchphrase


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Hi there!!, I am Noki25valenz.You call me Ectvalenz.

I am also a member in the DCTP(Detective Conan Translation Project),this is the link --->DCTP.

The DCTP contains English Subbed Detective Conan Episodes, Movies, Magic Kaito Specials and Translated Detective Conan Mangas.


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I am from the Philippine country.I can also speak English.I started watching Detective Conan when i was 7 years old.

I am a 100 % fan of DC.I started watching the Filipino Version of DC,Now,I'm watching English Subbed DC Episodes.

My birthday is on NOVEMBER 25,2000.

Mods, Friends, or Members that I talked to in DCW

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Chekhov MacGuffin


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  • Upload Pictures of Crimes of some latest/old episodes.
  • Upload a better picture of the characters' profile.
  • To edit some information of the latest episodes
  • To write/upload something not yet written/uploaded/seen in the episodes/characters profile
  • To upload the people's picture of the episodes
  • To put crime boxes in the episodes


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Detective Conan

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80px This user's favourite opening is Koi wa Thrill, Shock, Suspense.
Ed40.jpg This user's favourite closing is Your Best Friend.

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