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Elizabeth Antoinette

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Japanese name: 青山麗華
English name: Elizabeth Antoinette
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Date of birth: January 18
Nicknames: Annie-kins (by Sherlock Lupin)

Anabeth (by Emiko Seiei)

Aliases: Jessica BJ
First appearance: August 29, 2011

Jessicabeejay is a writer who hangs out in DCW because she believes that DCW is way better than any other social networking sites around. Her real name is Elizabeth Antoinette which she also uses in DCW.


Elizabeth is currently residing in Milan, Italy. She likes to keep information about her family to herself, only stating that she has one real brother (possibly implying that she has adoptive siblings). Before her family moved to Italy to live with her aunt, they lived in California, USA.


Elizabeth is a very positive person. Well, most of the time. She tends to sympathize with other leading her to cry over other people's hardships.



Elizabeth loves to read. She used to keep a blog that updates her followers on the books she's currently reading. She is currently reading The Dark Divine by Bree Despain which has been on her bookshelf for more than a year.


Elizabeth is a fiction writer. She used to write for the school paper of her previous schools until she realized that it's too tiring. She had written over 100 poems and more than 50 short stories, all which are unpublished.


Elizabeth plays a few musical instruments but her favorites are the piano and the violin. She started playing both instruments when she was four and ten, respectively.


  • Elizabeth wears glasses. Even though she only has astigmatism, she claims that she cannot see without her glasses.
  • Elizabeth is a sushi eater.
  • Elizabeth has been listening to Alesana ever since her brother told her that one of the band's albums was inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's "Annabel Lee".
  • She admires Erenfried from Neo Angelique Abyss since they share the same birth date.


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