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This page is meant to clear up some misunderstandings about Karasuma Renya caused by bad translations and subtitles. Credit to jimmy_kud0_tv2 and Kor who did the research.

  • The crow association doesn't exist. It's a mistranslation of Karasuma Renya's name.
  • The Kaizou Subs also completely skip the line where it says that Karasuma Renya inherited the mansion from his mother. They just leave the line "He told me he always wanted to find the treasure" on the screen when Senma is explaining the inheritance thing. (Quote from jimmy_kud0_tv2)
  • In the Kaizou subs version of the anime, during the scene where Detective Mogi, Mouri, and Conan find the piano and the note hidden between the keys, Mogi states that the tragedy rumor and the riddle are "all true and relevant" ... However the word used in both the manga and anime in Japanese is "mayutsuba" meaning "false / counterfeit", which is the exact opposite of what the subtitles say. (Quote from jimmy_kud0_tv2)
  • Karasuma Renya later finds the clues about the King, Queen, and Knight and begins paying people to see if they can solve the riddle. At the end of the case, Senma tries to say that Karasuma was still alive 40 years ago when her father was hired to solve the riddle. Karasuma was killing the people he invited to solve the riddle as motivation to find the treasure quicker. This contradicts the earlier story that is told about two strangers and marijuana on several points. 1. Both events happened 40 years ago. 2. Both events caused massive amounts of blood to be spilled. 3. Karasuma was still alive at 40 years ago even though the story said he died "half a century ago". (Quote from jimmy_kud0_tv2)