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Around the world there were many different cards produced of Detective Conan, the list bellow shows you what was available.

[edit] Japan

Detective Conan Trading Collection 2 - Movie Card Packs

  Prices: Unsure
  Creator: Amada Printing
  Released: 2002
  Prices: $3.00 Booster pack
  Information: Each pack contained nine cards and the whole box included 15 packs. There were 180 normal cards and 24 holographic in the whole set.

[edit] North America

Case Closed Trading Card Game

  Prices: $10.99 
  Creator: Score Entertainment
  Prices: $10.99 for the Starter Deck, $1.00 for Booster Packs including the expansion pack "Crime and Punishment"
  Information: The Starter Deck included forty Draw cards, Twenty problem cards and twelve fixed cards, it also included a poster and rule book for the game. Booster packs for the game 
  available with ten cards each, including  a expansion booster pack called "Crime and Punishment" which also came in the same amount.                        
  Rules: The game played out like this, it required players to solve three cases with there detectives and clue cards, while trying to stop your opponent and both players having five turns, it was
  rated ages 15 and up to play the game. The Starter deck also included a bonus poster and rule book.