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Displays a profile box for a given collectible item.


The following is a list of required or optional parameters for any of the items:

| title               =    Title of the main box
| type                =    (Optional) Collectible type (i.e. blu-ray, dvd, vhs, manga, magic-kaito-manga, book)
| release-date        =    (Optional) Release date of the item
| original-cost       =    (Optional) Original cost of the item
| dvd-number          =    (Optional) DVD number of the item (if applicable)
| isbn                =    (Optional) ISBN number (if applicable)
| color               =    (Optional) Text color for the title (defaults to #FFFFFF)
| background          =    (Optional) Background color of the title header (defaults to #5BBD53)
| width               =    (Optional) Width of the box
| height              =    (Optional) Height of the box
| box1-title          =    Title of the first box
| box1-content        =    Content of the first box (usually used for the cover image of the item)
| box2-title          =    (Optional) Title of the second box
| box2-content        =    (Optional) Content of the second box
| box2-width          =    (Optional) Width of the second box (defaults to "100%")
| box2-fontsize       =    (Optional) Font size of the second box
| box3-title          =    (Optional) Title of the third box
| box3-content        =    (Optional) Content of the third box
| box3-width          =    (Optional) Width of the third box
| box3-fontsize       =    (Optional) Font size of the third box
| box4-title          =    (Optional) Title of the fourth box
| box4-content        =    (Optional) Content of the fourth box
| box4-width          =    (Optional) Width of the fourth box
| box4-fontsize       =    (Optional) Font size of the fourth box
| box5-title          =    (Optional) Title of the fifth box
| box5-content        =    (Optional) Content of the fifth box
| box5-width          =    (Optional) Width of the fifth box
| box5-fontsize       =    (Optional) Font size of the fifth box
| box6-title          =    (Optional) Title of the sixth box
| box6-content        =    (Optional) Content of the sixth box
| box6-width          =    (Optional) Width of the sixth box
| box6-fontsize       =    (Optional) Font size of the sixth box