Quotes by Non-Major Characters

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Season 4[edit]

There is no way to force our hearts to open. If our hearts don't want to accept it

— Asami Uchida to Manabu Sawai, Episode 101

Season 9[edit]

Woman have things they don't want others to know about. For that reason they do some stupid things

— Terumi Hoshino said to Conan, Episode 250

Season 12[edit]

We wrestlers are tough people. We used to being hit but we’ll recover.

— Takaharu Ogami, Episode 367

Season 16[edit]

Words are like knives if you use it the wrong way it transforms in a bad weapon. You have to understand the person’s heart and use it carefully. No matter who that may be.

— Shakuren,  Episode 479

Season 25[edit]

No company is worth taking human lives to save

— Ebizo Ichikawa XI , Episode 805