Perry Mason

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Perry Mason

Perry Mason is a fictional defense attorney created by Erle Stanley Gardner. Based in the 1930s to 1960s, Mason never defends criminals, caring only for justice to prevail.

He was the featured detective of Volume 24 of the Detective Conan manga.


Little is revealed about Mason's life, only that he served in the US military during World War II. Frequently, Mason faces antagonism from District Attorney Hamilton Burger and Lt. Arthur Tragg of the Homicide Squad for his defense of the presumed guilty. Mason only takes cases that others consider indefensible, taking cases out of curiosity, sometimes even taking cases pro bono for his clients.

While differing little from the style of other "Whodunnit" murders, the difference is in the two versions of the murder, one believed by the authorities establishing the suspect's guilt, the other proposed by Mason to prove his client's innocence. Despite his unusual methods, each one is legally sound, leaving Mason still able to prove his client innocent.

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