Masahiko Ishima

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Masahiko Ishima

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Japanese name: 石間 明彦
(Ishima Masahiko)
Age: 50
Gender: Male
Date of birth: Unknown
Occupation: Rice farmer
Status: Alive
First appearance: Anime: Episode 996
Appearances: Masahiko Ishima Appearances
Cases solved: 0
Japanese voice: Minoru Inaba

Masahiko Ishima (石間 明彦 Ishima Masahiko?) is a character in the anime franchise Detective Conan.


He appears in episode 996 as a farmer and an acquaintance of the Takehara couple. He was the suspect of the murder of Genichi Takehara after knowing that his death wasn't an accident, but the real culprit was his wife Satoko.


He is a good and friendly man that loves his work and is very grateful to Genichi Takehara because he gave him the opportunity of make puffed rice in his café event.


He is a middle-aged man with grey hair. He wears a blue jacket and a white fur scarf.


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