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This page is all about the made-up legends in Detective Conan.


Tottori Spider Mansion Demon

A long time ago there was woman near the canyon who was as beautiful as a goddess. She often called to travellers and asked them, “Do you think theres really a heaven?” “Do you know where it is?” “Do want me to see it?” Every traveller became memorised by the woman’s beauty and answered “Yes”, they were all taken to the forest and was never seen again. A puppet maker heard of this story and invented a plan. He made a life-size puppet and put it near the canyon and hid, secretly observing it. As expected, the woman appeared and asked the puppet the question, but it couldn’t answer. A while later the woman’s eyes turned red, her mouth widened and had eight arms. She became a spider and attacked the puppet. When the puppet maker saw the monster he lit arrows on fire and endlessly shot them at the monster. The spider covered began screaming and ran into the forest, the puppet maker ran after it and saw the big spider and a smaller spider burn to death. Afterwards the village people were afraid the spider spirits would haunt them and built a temple into the area and named it “Spider King” and the canyon was named “Wire Monster Hero”. The temple got destroyed to make a storage room in its place by Nobukazu Takeda after his father's death, who had always respected that place, despite the villagers protest.

TV original

The Legend of the Mysterious Five Storied Pagoda

Legend of the pagoda, where those who have been bad or have evil souls are mysteriously punished by being found hanging from the top of the pagoda.

The Fearful Legend of the Snowy Night

It was the 4th year of the Sengoku Era. On that fateful night, the slandered Okiname Hidetomo requested an audience with his tyrannical master, Ohara Genbu, pleading with him to cease his incessant harassment. However, that only served to anger Genbu, resulting in the annihilation of the entire Okiname family. In despair over his loss, Hidetomo donned his armor, cut down Genbu, and committed suicide by slitting his own throat. There's a legend which says that Hidetomo's spirit wanders about to this day, and that those who encounter him will meet an untimely end. Therefore, the Hidetomo Festival was created, intending to calm his vengeful spirit. Incidentally, payment from the previous owner, included a replica of the helmet that Hidetomo wore as he committed suicide.

The Water Palace of Five Colors Legend

There is a pond that shines in five colors, and a bridge which leads to the tea room. There is a superstition of the pond. They say that it was during the end of the Edo period. Fresh, clean, cold water sprang out from the pond. It was even bigger than it is now. A beautiful girl appeared by the pond. As she played her flute, the color of the pond changed. She entertained the people who came. One day, a rich merchant became interested in the girl, and built a mansion near the pond. She accepted his proposal of marriage with two conditions: that the pond belonged to her, and no one was ever to go in it. Yet, the merchant broke his promise, and made a bedroom in the middle of the pond. In addition, he became angry at his wife who pressed him to clear the room away immediately. He killed her, and drowned her in the pond. However, being a demon and not a merely human, she can't dead for a simple wound. However, one night, the boa that appeared from the lake attacked the merchant. It was the girl in her true form, the immortal demon who lived in the pond. Terribly wounded and with great difficulty, the merchant went in the bedroom. In the bedroom, there were talismans. He was safe. Still, the demon waited for him to come out. He got tired and hung himself. They say the reason why the colors change, is because the demon takes the girl's appearance and plays the flute.

The Case of the Furisode at the Hidden Hot Spring on a Snowy Night

Kimono Goddess, whose shrine is located nearby at Kotoya Inn. There is a mini shrine to the Kimono Goddess. The Goddess's also has a darker side, the Goddess of Vengeance. According to the legend, centuries ago, a sweet village girl named Ohana lived nearby, along with her old grandmother and her little sister, and after saving a very rich feudal lord's life, she was given a whole chest full of beautiful and incredibly pricy kimonos as a reward. However, the greedy daughters of the local leader wanted Ohana's wardrobe, so falsely accused Ohana of being a criminal and managed to get the poor woman executed. The two girls got Ohana's gorgeous wardrobe just as they wanted, but as they were putting such lovely clothes on, the evil spirit of Ohana, an immortal demon with a cold breeze, taken her awful revenge brutally killing them both: the youngest sister was found under the kimonos, while the eldest was found in a pond under many obis (kimono sashes). As a demon with blood from her lips, Ohana taken the younger on the neck until she had stopped breathing. Ohana forcibly throwed the other in the garden pond and cruelly killed her. To placate Ohana's vengeful spirit, the villagers built a Shinto shrine and many smaller temples in her memory, and named her as their protector. The Kimono Goddess is also a vengative deity: according to the legend, if someone clad in kimono comes to the shrine at midnight, they can ask the Goddess to punish someone or sponsor a punishment, and that people shall leave paper dolls as an offer to her.