Kenichi Takeshita

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Kenichi Takeshita

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Gender: Male
Date of birth: Unknown
Place of birth: Japan
Location: Japan
First name can also be pronounced Takeichi. Last name can also be read Takenoshita[1].

Kenichi Takeshita (竹下 健一 Takeshita Ken'ichi?) is a japanese director, storyboard artist and producer.

Works in Detective Conan

Number of case storyboards done : 1 (1 episode) Number of episodes directed : 2 (2 episodes)


Other notable works


  • Dragon Ball : Storyboard (episode 50), episode director (3 episodes)
  • Final Fantasy (2 episodes) : Episode director
  • Ghost in the Shell : Episode director (12 episodes), storyboard (episode 15)
  • Hunter x Hunter (Episode 4) : Episode director
  • Sailor Moon : Production advancement
  • Many more including Yu Gi Oh!, Aria, Neo Ranga, etc.


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