Kazumi Nakayama

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Kazumi Nakayama

Kazumi Nakayama Profile.jpg

Japanese name: 中山和美
(Nakayama Kazumi)
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Date of birth: unknown
Occupation: Nurse
First appearance: Anime: Episode 83
Appearances: Episodes: 2

Movies: 1

Cases solved: 0
Japanese voice: Kaoru Morota (episode 83)

Kazumi Nakayama (中山和美 Nakayama Kazumi?) is a character in the anime and movie franchise Detective Conan.


Kazumi Nakayama is a nurse from the Beika Hospital.


Kazumi is a calm and relaxed person who is responsible with her work, carrying everything she is ordered without showing aversion for it. She is also very kind with patients to make their stay in the hospital more pleasant. It is noteworthy that she is also very happy and curious because she wanted to hear Kogoro's stories of and thus be able to have fun for a while.


Kazumi is a young woman with a thin complexion who has a low height and, in addition to short brown hair and with strands that cover her forehead, also a very whitish skin tone. Her face stands out her small eyes, her pointed nose, her small mouth and her big ears. Perhaps her most remarkable feature are small tufts that are divided in two on both sides of her face. Her dress is made up as the typical nurse costume for a typical hospital.


Plot overview[edit]

General Hospital Murder Case (Anime: 83)[edit]

Kazumi appears for the first time in the room where Kogoro is in the Beika Hospital to deliver the dinner, there she shows interest in the detective's cases to later leave. During the rest of the days when the detective thinks he has seen a murder, she shows his concern for the patient. After committing the murder of Katsutoshi Eto, she explains how she delivered the coffee in Doctor Mitsuo Shirai's office, but that at no time did she see his face even though she heard him speaking from the next room. This being a crucial clue to the case.

Captured in Her Eyes (Movie: 4)[edit]

The Kidnapper's Disappearing Getaway Car (Anime: 321)[edit]

Different looks[edit]

Episode 83
Episode 321


  • Mitsuo Shirai called erroneously her "Okita-kun", but it is her co-worker Keiko Okita.

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