Kabuki Rocks

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Kabuki Rocks


Japanese name: カブキロックス
Genres: J-rock
Years active: 1986-1996
Labels: EMI Music Japan
Website: kabukirocks.tv (dead link)

Kabuki Rocks (カブキロックス Kabuki Rokkusu?) is a Japanese rock band active between the late 1980s and the early 1990s. They got their breakthrough in a Japanese rock TV show from 1989 and made their major debut in 1990[2]. They were known for wearing kabuki masks on stage and performing the lion dance.


The band first formed in 1986 and after their TV appearance, gained rapid success in 1990 and 1991, as their music style, a mix between the traditional theatrical form of Kabuki and 1980s rock, was quite unique. Their single O-Edo reached number 12 on the Oricon chart, while their single Niji no Miyako made their album reach number 16 on the chart in 1990. Their success didn't last long, and the group disbanded in 1996.

Kabuki Rocks returned in 2005, releasing their album ~Wadachi~ the same year. They are still active to this day, although they mostly only perform as a touring band, and haven't released music since 2009[1].

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