Hundred Percent Free

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Hundred Percent Free

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Japanese name: ハンドレッド・パーセント・フリー
Date of creation: 2003
Origin: Japan
Genres: Pop rock, J-pop
Years active: 2003-2013 December 18
Labels: Pure Infinity

Hundred Percent Free (ハンドレッド・パーセント・フリー Handoreddo pāsento furī) is a Japanese pop-rock band formed in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture on July 2003. Three years later, they released a independent CD called "OFF LIMITED" that was only sold at their concerts. Then in 2008, they released their first digital single, entitled "Emotional∞TANK!!", under the indies label Magnifique. But about a year later, bassist MK-II decided to quit the band. In 2010, they released their first major single, Hello Mr. my yesterday, under the label Pure Infinity. The band disbanded in October 2013.


[edit] Members

  • Tack (タク Taku?) (Vocals, MC, Lyrics)
  • Ko-KI (コウキ Kōki?) (Vocals, MC, Lyrics)
  • SIG (シゲ Shige?) (Guitar, Music)
  • KAZ (カズ Kazu?) (Drums)

[edit] Former members

  • MK-II (マコツ Makotsu?) (Bass)
  • B-BURG (ビーバーグ Bībāgu?) (DJ Music)

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