Hondou family

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The Hondou family currently consists of 4 people: Ethan Hondou, Mrs. Hondou, Hidemi Hondou, and Eisuke Hondou.


Note: Italics mean that the family member is deceased.

Ethan Hondou.jpg
Ethan Hondou
Mrs. Hondou.jpg
Mrs. Hondou
Hidemi Hondou.jpg
Hidemi Hondou
Eisuke Hondou.jpg
Eisuke Hondou

Ethan Hondou[edit]

A Japanese-American CIA-agent. Killed during undercover.

Mrs. Hondou[edit]

A housekeeper. Died ten years prior to the series some time after her son had been treated for leukemia. Passed down her looks to both her children. It's unknown if she was aware of her husband's work. She was described to have a cheerful personality.

Hidemi Hondou[edit]

CIA agent. Currently undercover in the Black Organization as Rena Mizunashi codenamed Kir. She gives FBI information after having informed the CIA.

Eisuke Hondou[edit]

High School Student. He has been looking for his sister who disappeared ten years. After finding her and learning that both she and his late father were CIA agents, he decides to move to America and join the CIA.


  • To make it possible for Eisuke to be born with blood type O, while his sister is AB, one of their parents must have been an A with a gene for O, and the other a B also with a gene for O.