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Japanese name: 沼田
Age: unknown
Gender: Male
Date of birth: unknown
Relatives: unknwon
Occupation: Police detective
First appearance: Anime: Episode 441
Appearances: Episodes: 4
Cases solved: 0
Japanese voice: Kenji Hamada

Numada (沼田 Numada?) is a character in the anime franchise Detective Conan.


Numada is a police detective from Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, who works under Megure and sometimes in the Headquarters.


Numada is a white-skinned average height detective in civilian clothes. He wears glasses and has well-shaved hair compared to Inoue.


He is serious and gives the right report.


Plot overview[edit]

Butterfly Collector Murder Case (Anime: 441)[edit]

On the road to a pastry shop, Kogoro and Conan run into Hideko Nitta, who says she witnessed a murder in a nearby building where she lives. Kogoro quickly runs there and take different views of the corpse and the crime scene. He then calls the police and in less than two, Megure arrives but this time, accompanied by Numada and Inoue, two new rookies. Tsujimura, the forensics officer, is also there. Numada and Inoue five reports to Megure about Nobuo Yamamoto's wearabouts and his description. He also matches all details together and try to figure out the crime. In the end, he brings the culprit into the police car.

Overnight Deadline (Anime: 681-683)[edit]

Numada and several other detectives are in the Headquarters and try to find where Takagi is and elucidate the murder. In the end, when Takagi's kiss with Sato is shown on the TV, the detectives were looking at, inclunding Numada all get upset and jealous.

Relationship analysis[edit]

Juzo Megure[edit]

Juzo Megure is his superior and trusts him.

Wataru Takagi[edit]

He is jealous that Wataru Takagi is in couple with Sato like many other detectives of the HQ.

Kogoro Mouri[edit]

He respects Kogoro Mouri and thinks he is a pretty intelligent detective. He is excited and surprised when sleeping Kogoro appears.

Conan Edogawa[edit]

He questions the actions of Conan Edogawa since he finds it weird a primary schooler is that intelligent.

Detective Inoue[edit]

Inoue is a co-worker and they both investigate together.

Different looks[edit]

Episode 441
Episode 682


  • Mysteriously, his name and Inoue's is only revealed in the credits and not in a suspects-box. It happens for the other characters of the episode too.
  • Although he and Inoue appear in a case from the manga, they only appear in the anime version of the case.

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