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Ambox content.png This article contains significant spoilers about secret identities and character allegiances. It is likely you will be spoiled if you have not read all the manga released to date. To find out what pages will be safe for you to read, please consult our wiki spoiler policy.

Main characters of the series

The series was created and is drawn by Gosho Aoyama. The protagonists from his earlier series Magic Kaito look very similar: Kaitou Kid has made a number of appearances as himself in the anime and manga of the series. The main protagonist of the Detective Conan series, Shinichi Kudo, and the protagonist of the Magic Kaito series, Kaito Kuroba are also similar. Hundreds of minor characters have been created and are always given backgrounds, motives, and personalities that put them under suspicion during the investigation. Please do note that only main and canon characters are listed here. Minor recurring manga characters can be found here. You can also view the anime-only characters page.

The English adaption dubbed by Funimation, called Case Closed, has different names than the one in the manga published by Viz Media.

[edit] Protagonists

The series revolves around Shinichi Kudo and his "child version", Conan as well as his love interest and best friend Ran and her father Kogoro.

Picture Name English Name Role
Shinichi Kudo 60px.jpg Shinichi Kudo Jimmy Kudo Main character of the series and Ran's love interest. He was shrunk into a child after being forced to take a poison, called APTX 4869, created by the Black Organization.
Conan Edogawa 60px.jpg Conan Edogawa Conan Edogawa "Child" version of Shinichi Kudo. He's after the Black Organization to regain his original body. The show follows his journey and the different cases he encounters along the way.
Ran Mouri 60px.jpg Ran Mouri Rachel Moore Shinichi's childhood friend, and main love interest. She doesn't know Conan's real identity. She's the one taking care of him along with her detective father, Kogoro. She is also skilled in karate.
Kogoro Mouri 60px.jpg Kogoro Mouri Richard Moore Private eye and Ran's father. Separated from Eri Kisaki, Ran's mother.

[edit] Detective Boys

The Detective Boys are called the "Junior Detective League" in the English version of the show. Notably, the Detective Boys are the only people that see the bowtie in action who aren't suspicious about Conan's identity. They have seen Conan use the bowtie, and even caught Conan using the bowtie to solve cases.

Picture Name English Name Role
Ayumi Yoshida 60px.jpg Ayumi Yoshida Amy Yeager Member of the Detective Boys. She likes Conan and she considers Haibara like a best friend to her.
Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya 60px.jpg Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya Mitch Tennison Member of the Detective Boys. Has a crush on Ayumi and Haibara. The most intelligent true child in the Detective Boys. He is great when it comes to science and logic.
Genta Kojima 60px.jpg Genta Kojima George Kaminski Member of the Detective Boys. Has a crush on Ayumi. Always saying he is the leader of Detective Boys. He loves to eat, especially roasted eel on rice.
Ai Haibara 60px.jpg Ai Haibara Vi Graythorn (movies)
Anita Hailey (manga)
Member of the Detective Boys and an adult shrunken by APTX 4869. Her former identity was a Black Organization scientist codenamed "Sherry", real name "Shiho Miyano". She invented APTX 4869.

[edit] Family

Picture Name English Name Role
Yusaku Kudo 60px.jpg Yusaku Kudo Booker Kudo Shinichi's father. A famous mystery novel author who is well-known in both America and Japan.
Yukiko Kudo 60px.jpg Yukiko Kudo Vivian Kudo Shinichi's mother. A retired actress, she can disguise well and can mimic voices without a voice changer, a skill she learned from the deceased magician Toichi Kuroba. She is a close friend of Sharon Vineyard.

[edit] Friends

Picture Name English Name Role
Hiroshi Agasa 60px.jpg Hiroshi Agasa Herschel Agasa Professor who creates gadgets for Conan to use and the best friend of Yusaku Kudo. He was the first to know about Conan's true identity.
Sonoko Suzuki 60px.jpg Sonoko Suzuki Serena Sebastian Ran's best friend. Youngest daughter of the wealthy Suzuki family.
Heiji Hattori 60px.jpg Heiji Hattori Harley Hartwell Shinichi's rival detective and best friend from Osaka. Known as "Great Detective of the West". He's also a trained Kendo martial artist and the first to deduce Conan's true identity.
Eri Kisaki 60px.jpg Eri Kisaki N/A Ran's mother who is a very successful attorney. Married to, but currently living separately from Kogoro Mouri.
Sumiko Kobayashi 60px.jpg Sumiko Kobayashi N/A Conan's homeroom teacher and Ninzaburo Shiratori's girlfriend. Also the self-proclaimed manager of the Detective Boys.
Kaito Kuroba 60px.jpg Kaito Kuroba N/A High school student and magician. Aoko Nakamori's childhood friend, and love interest. Son of world-renowned magician Toichi Kuroba.
Kaitou Kid 60px.jpg Kaitou Kid N/A Secret identity of Kaito Kuroba. Magician and thief known to be "uncatchable".
Kazuha Toyama 60px.jpg Kazuha Toyama Kirsten Thomas (anime)
Kazuha Toyama (manga)
Katrina Tolliver (video game)
Katie Thompson (card game)
Heiji Hattori's best friend since childhood and love interest. She is also a trained Aikido martial artist.
Makoto Kyogoku 60px.jpg Makoto Kyogoku N/A Sonoko Suzuki's long-distance boyfriend, and a karate champion that has been admired by Ran.
Azusa Enomoto 60px.jpg Azusa Enomoto N/A A kind worker at the coffee shop that is right under the Mouri Detective Agency, who sometimes has a case that she wants Kogoro to solve.
Jirokichi Suzuki 60px.jpg Jirokichi Suzuki N/A Sonoko's uncle, obsessed with embarrassing and outsmarting the thief, Kaitou Kid.
Subaru Okiya 60px.jpg Subaru Okiya N/A FBI agent Shuichi Akai's civilian persona after he faked his death to protect Kir. He lives in Shinichi Kudo's house, sometimes assists the Detective Boys and Conan on cases, and keeps an eye on Haibara.
Masumi Sera 60px.jpg Masumi Sera N/A A high school detective who transfers into Ran and Sonoko's high school class. She is the sister of Shuichi Akai and Shukichi Haneda.
Shukichi Haneda 60px.jpg Shukichi Haneda N/A Yumi Miyamoto's ex-boyfriend and a professional shogi player. Also the brother of Shuichi Akai and Masumi Sera.

[edit] Tokyo Metropolitan Police District

[edit] Criminal Investigation Bureau (Division 1)

Picture Name English Name Role
Hyoue Kuroda 60px.jpg Hyoue Kuroda N/A Superintendent of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police 1st Division and Former Nagano Police Chief. He has a damaged eye covered by a shaded lens. He knows that Conan is the "Brains behind Sleeping Kogoro".
Juzo Megure 60px.jpg Juzo Megure Joseph Meguire Inspector from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police District.
Miwako Sato 60px.jpg Miwako Sato Detective Simone Female assistant inspector who works with Inspector Megure. Currently involved with Detective Takagi.
Ninzaburo Shiratori 60px.jpg Ninzaburo Shiratori Nicholas Santos Police inspector who works with Inspector Megure. Originally Detective Takagi's rival for Detective Sato's affection, he is currently involved with Sumiko Kobayashi.
Wataru Takagi 60px.jpg Wataru Takagi Harry Wilder Police sergeant who works with Inspector Megure. Currently involved with Detective Sato.
Kazunobu Chiba 60px.jpg Kazunobu Chiba Detective Chiba Police sergeant who often works with Inspector Megure. He is Naeko Miike's childhood friend and love interest.

[edit] Arson Section

Picture Name English Name Role
Inspector Yuminaga 60px.jpg Inspector Yuminaga N/A The head inspector of the arson squad and Kogoro Mouri's former superior.

[edit] Criminal Investigation Bureau (Division 2)

Picture Name English Name Role
Ginzo Nakamori 60px.jpg Ginzo Nakamori N/A Inspector from Tokyo Metropolitan Police 2nd Division, who is obsessed with capturing Kaitou Kid.

[edit] Traffic Bureau

Picture Name English Name Role
Yumi Miyamoto 60px.jpg Yumi Miyamoto N/A An assistant inspector and traffic enforcer and Detective Sato's best friend who is a compulsive tease.
Naeko Miike 60px.jpg Naeko Miike N/A A police sergeant traffic enforcer working with Yumi Miyamoto. She is Kazunobu Chiba's childhood friend and love interest.

[edit] Public Security Bureau

Picture Name English Name Role
Scotch 60px.jpg Scotch N/A A deceased undercover agent from the Public Security Bureau who is a friend of Bourbon. He committed suicide while infiltrating the Black Organization.

[edit] Shizuoka Police District

Picture Name English Name Role
Sango Yokomizo 60px.jpg Sango Yokomizo Inspector Worthington Inspector from Shizuoka Police District, known for his gruff personality. He is the former Inspector of Saitama Police District.

[edit] Gunma Police District

Picture Name English Name Role
Misao Yamamura 60px.jpg Misao Yamamura Inspector Magnum A goofy Inspector from Gunma Police District, albeit a not very good one. He often runs into "supernatural" cases with Heiji and Conan.

[edit] Nagano Police District

Picture Name English Name Role
Kansuke Yamato 60px.jpg Kansuke Yamato N/A Inspector from Nagano Police District, partially disabled after surviving an avalanche.
Yui Uehara 60px.jpg Yui Uehara N/A Kansuke Yamato's former partner who has recently returned to the force. She is likely an Assistant Inspector.
Taka'aki Morofushi 60px.jpg Taka'aki Morofushi
N/A Inspector from Nagano Police District. Childhood friend and rival of Kansuke Yamato.

[edit] Federal Bureau of Investigation

Picture Name English Name Role
Shuichi Akai 60px.jpg Shuichi Akai N/A FBI agent, considered by Gin as his rival, and the "Silver Bullet" that could take down the Black Organization. In the past, he infiltrated the Black Organization under the name Dai Moroboshi and obtained the codename "Rye" before being expelled. He faked his death to protect Kir and is currently undercover as Subaru Okiya.
Jodie Starling 60px.jpg Jodie Starling
(Jodie Saintemillion)
N/A An FBI agent on an undercover assignment against the Black Organization, and Ran's English teacher at one point. She had been Shuichi Akai's girlfriend before he met Akemi Miyano.
Andre Camel 60px.jpg Andre Camel N/A FBI agent, played a vital role in the protection of Rena Mizunashi.
James Black 60px.jpg James Black N/A High ranking FBI agent, Jodie's superior.

[edit] Central Intelligence Agency

Picture Name English Name Role
Hidemi Hondou 60px.jpg Hidemi Hondou
N/A An undercover CIA agent, also pretending to be TV reporter Rena Mizunashi.

[edit] National Police Agency

Picture Name English Name Role
Rei Furuya 60px.jpg Rei Furuya
N/A Aka Tooru Amuro. Specializes in detective work and information gathering. He posed as a private detective and became Kogoro Mouri's apprentice. He is later revealed as an undercover National Police Agency agent working to undermine the Organization.

[edit] Black Organization

Picture Name English Name Role
The Boss of the Black Organization 60px.jpg The Boss N/A Leader of the Black Organization. Identity unknown.
Rum 60px.jpg Rum N/A The second-in-command of the Black Organization, Rum is the close adviser of the Boss.
Gin 60px.jpg Gin Gin
Melkior (manga, later changed to Gin)
High ranking executive member of the Black Organization. A highly intelligent and lethal assassin, he tried to kill Shinichi with APTX 4869.
Vodka 60px.jpg Vodka Vodka
Kaspar (manga, later changed to Vodka)
Member of the Black Organization. Gin's secretary and partner on most occasions.
Vermouth 60px.jpg Chris Vineyard
N/A Member of the Black Organization. She is an actress and master of disguise. Considered the Boss' "favorite," and knows that Haibara and Conan are really Sherry and Shinichi.
Chianti 60px.jpg Chianti N/A Member of the Black Organization. Considered an excellent sniper.
Korn 60px.jpg Korn N/A Member of the Black Organization. Considered an excellent sniper.
Shiho Miyano 60px.jpg Shiho Miyano
Shiho Miyano Codenamed Sherry, she was a scientist for the Black Organization and creator of APTX 4869. Her sister's death caused her to betray the Black Organization. Her current alias is Ai Haibara.

[edit] Animals

Picture Name English Name Role
60px Goro N/A A smart Russian blue cat which is Eri Kisaki's pet.

[edit] Acquaintances

Picture Name English Name Role
Yoko Okino 60px.jpg Yoko Okino N/A An idol star who is worshiped by Kogoro Mouri.
Ryusuke Higo 60px.jpg Ryusuke Higo N/A A soccer player for Big Osaka who is a former member of the Noir Tokyo team. He has become an empathic role model for Ai Haibara.
Midori Kuriyama 60px.jpg Midori Kuriyama N/A The secretary of Eri Kisaki.
Sakurako Yonehara 60px.jpg Sakurako Yonehara N/A A housekeeper and Naeko Miike and Kazunobu Chiba's childhood friend who often runs into murder cases.
Chikara Katsumata 60px.jpg Chikara Katsumata N/A A famous shogi player who currently holds the Osho title, having usurped it from Shukichi in a title defense match.
Momiji Ooka 60px.jpg Momiji Ooka N/A Kyoto high school student who claims that Heiji is her future husband.
Muga Iori 60px.jpg Muga Iori N/A The butler of Momiji Ooka's family.

[edit] Others

Picture Name English Name Role
"The Criminal" 60px.jpg "The Criminal" "The Criminal" A generic depiction taking the place of an unknown culprit.
Mary Sera 60px.jpg Mary Sera N/A An unknown child of middle-school age who appears to be a girl with light hair. She is actually a middle-aged woman and the mother of Shuichi Akai, Shukichi Haneda, and Masumi Sera.
Kohji Haneda 60px.jpg Kohji Haneda N/A Shukichi's non-blood brother and a professional shogi player. He was forced to take a poison, called APTX 4869, created by the Black Organization.
Asaka 60px.jpg Asaka N/A A mysterious person from 17 years ago whom Conan believes is the killer of Kohji Haneda and potentially the Black Organization member Rum.
Rumi Wakasa 60px.jpg Rumi Wakasa N/A New deputy homeroom teacher of class 1-B of Teitan Primary school. She is also somehow connected to Kohji Haneda and the Case from 17 years ago as she is keeping an object that has the shape of a Shogi piece inside her pocket.
Tsutomu Akai 60px.jpg Tsutomu Akai N/A Mary's husband and the father of Shuichi Akai, Shukichi Haneda, and Masumi Sera.
Kanenori Wakita 60px.jpg Kanenori Wakita N/A A sushi chief. He has relatively good deductive ability, a "true Tokyoite" personality, and an injury to his left eye, making him a suspect of Rum's true identity.

[edit] More characters

[edit] References

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