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Fumimaro in his newest appearance

Fumimaro Ayanokoji (綾小路 文麿 Ayanokōji Fumimaro?), age 28, is a police inspector from the Kyoto Prefectural Police and yet the only one the characters meet. He is first introduced in Movie 7 as a contender to Heiji Hattori's pretended first love, Suzu Chika. He was then reprised by Gosho Aoyama for the Crimson School Trip Case and was featured as the keyhole character for Volume 95 along with his only best friend, his Chipmunk. He also has an assistant, Detective Kurumazaki and is said to be polite and snarky because of his royal ancestry. He also attended high-school with Ninzaburo Shiratori. He is said to be pretty competent and intuitive. Read more...

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