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Lt. Columbo is a fictional television detective created by TV writers Richard Levinson and William Link and portrayed by actor Peter Falk.

He was the featured detective of Volume 7 of the Detective Conan manga.


Starting out as a relatively harmless delinquent, Columbo states he became a police officer to "make up for it". After serving in the Korean War, he later became a police officer for the New York Police Department, though eventually was convinced to leave for Los Angeles, California.

Unlike other detective stories, Columbo's cases start by showing the audience who committed the crime and how, with the rest of the episode tracking Columbo as he attempted to force the suspect to reveal their guilt. Though normally going by clues and evidence, Columbo also possesses a roundabout style of informal interrogation into the crime, pretending to be in awe of his often wealthy or powerful clients to lure them into thinking they could easily outwit the detective, often leading to their downfall through his encyclopedic knowledge and playing of their supposed superiority.


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