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The 47 prefectures of Japan.

Japan is divided into 47 prefectures (都道府県 todōfuken?). This includes 43 prefectures proper ( ken?), two urban prefectures ( fu?): Osaka and Kyoto, one regional prefecture ( ?): Hokkaido, and one metropolis ( to?): Tokyo.

The following subcategories are arranged in these 47 Japanese Prefectures which cases from the Detective Conan anime are involved respectively. (Tokyo Metropolis will not be included as most cases happen in Beika Town, Tokyo)

As of episode 1094, the prefectures that did not involve a case are:

  • Iwate Prefecture
  • Akita Prefecture
  • Shiga Prefecture
  • Tokushima Prefecture
  • Ehime Prefecture
  • Saga Prefecture
  • Kochi Prefecture
  • Miyazaki Prefecture

Note: A certain hotel from Tokushima Prefecture was only referred in A Fool's Inheritance.