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Caos Caos Caos

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Japanese name: カオス・カオス・カオス
Date of creation: 2010
Origin: Japan
Genres: J-pop, R&B
Years active: 2011-present
Labels: GIZA Studio

Caos Caos Caos (カオス・カオス・カオス Kaosu Kaosu Kaosu) is a Japanese pop dance group under the GIZA studio label which features Nori Shiraishi on vocals, and four unknown dancers. Formed 2010 in Hyogo Prefecture with a song called "AVE MARIA in Christmas Non-Stop Carol". Debuted with their first single called tear drops for 30th Opening of Detective Conan.


[edit] Members

  • Nori Shiraishi (白石乃梨 Shiraishi Nori?) (Vocal, Dance)

[edit] Song themes in Detective Conan

[edit] Opening themes

[edit] Trivia

  • An animated likeness of Shiraishi can be seen dancing in the anime's 30th opening, tear drops.

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