Adrian Monk

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Adrian Monk

Adrian Monk, a.k.a. "The Defective Detective", is a fictional consultant detective in modern-day San Francisco, created by Andy Breckman and David Hoberman. Though suffering from severe OCD and an astounding number of phobias, Monk uses these same difficulties as a skill to solve the cases the SFPD cannot.

He was the featured detective of Volume 73 of the Detective Conan manga.


Growing up in an overly-protective household, Adrian grew up hearing Sherlock Holmes stories from his father, giving him his first taste of solving mysteries. Later in life, he meets his wife Trudy, who seems to assist him in gaining traction on his phobias and OCD, until her death by bomb forces him into a breakdown, forcing him off the department. Throughout his series, Monk must learn to live without his wife, while balancing his disabilities.

While his mental disabilities force him into often awkward situations, Monk's obsessive eye for detail coupled with his analytical mind means that he is able to pick up clues that the police, including his superior, Capt. Stottlemeyer, cannot find. Using this information, the SFPD is able to close their cases with no loose ends, just like Mr. Monk prefers.

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