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Where are the Wiki side Moderators?

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Recently it seems that there have been no mods operating on the Wiki side of things. Do we know where they have gone?


I have noticed a revert war between someone who want Gosho's statement from an interview (Singapore 2016) about Akai and Akemi being cousins to be fact, 

and another user who is trying to claim that the statement never happened


(Example edit history page : http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/wiki/index.php?title=Shukichi_Haneda&action=history )


Aug 3 - added

Sept 7 - removed

Sept 16 - readded

Sept 24 - removed


Is there a way to lock the pages effected by this from being edited by Anonymous users to try and prevent this?

It effects all of the Akai family member pages and all of the Miyano family member pages.  



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I agree with you. I haven't seen Maurice or Chekhov since last year and Max hasn't been there for 3 years or so and the only one who comes from time to time is Skyechan but I only see him doing minor edits. We really need to change them...

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