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  1. 1. Romance <3 Best romantic partners (real and fanfic)

    • Shinichi X Ran
    • Conan X Haibara / Shinichi X Shiho
    • Conan X Ayumi
    • Conan/Shinichi X Heiji
    • Conan/Shinichi X Kaito
    • Heiji X Kazuha
    • Mitsuhiko X Haibara
    • Mitsuhiko X Ayumi
    • Sonoko X Makoto
    • Kogoro X Eri
    • Yusaku X Yukiko
    • Takagi X Sato
    • Shiratori X Kobayashi
    • Chiba X Miike
    • Yumi X Shukichi
    • Akai X Jodie
    • Akai X Akemi
    • Kaito X Aoko
    • Yamato X Uehara
    • Others
  2. 2. Best Partners :) in action, intellect and combination

    • Conan/Shinichi and Heiji
    • Conan and Kogoro
    • Conan and Kaito
    • Conan and Akai
    • Conan and Haibara
    • Conan and Detective Boys
    • Conan and Subaru
    • Conan and Sera
    • Heiji and Kazuha
    • Vermouth and Bourbon
    • Takagi and Sato
    • Kogoro and Eri
    • Yamato and Morofushi or Uehara
    • Jodie and Akai
    • Jodie and Conan
    • Jodie and Camel
    • Shinichi and Ran
    • Others
  3. 3. Rivals :3 (romantic, intellect and action)

    • Conan/Shinichi Vs. Heiji
    • Conan Vs. Kaito
    • Conan Vs. Sera
    • Conan Vs. Subaru
    • Conan Vs. Bourbon
    • Conan Vs. Vermouth
    • Conan Vs. Gin and Vodka
    • Akai Vs. Gin
    • Jodie Vs. Vermouth
    • Others
    • Shiho/Ai vs Gin
    • Shiho/Ai vs Vermouth

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Shippers of DC :) 
Romantic, best partners and rivals . I would like to know the opinions and preference of all about all the three or any specific one  :D  :D


The poll is just a mere speculations and this post is open to arguments and other options  :)  :D


P.S: Each one of us has his/her own opinion and preference, do not criticise the choice of others, Thank you  :blush:

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