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Putting Yourself in a Detective Conan Character's Shoes

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OK, this is my first time creating a game.


This is a game AvatarJayChou and I came up with. Basically you select a short scene from Detective Conan and ask the next person to be one of the characters in that scene. They then have to come up with a response- the response does not have to be the response in the selected scene. State the manga file/ episode/ OVA/ magic file/ movie the scene came from. If you think your question has a spoiler, put it in a spoiler box.


For example:

A.Haibara- (Episode 1) Pretend that you are Kogoro Mouri who woke up to the morning paper, only to find that on the front page is the high-school detective Shinichi Kudo.


AvatarJayChou- That 'high-school detective' stole my job! *Punches the piece of paper*.

Next scene: (Movie 1) You are Ran Mouri. You are nearly done cutting all the wires after you discovered the bomb. There is a red wire and a blue wire. You know that Shinichi is on the other side of the door but he does not know the answer either. What do you do?

And so on...

I'll start:

(Movie 14: The Lost Ship in the Sky) You are in Conan's shoes. You have just come out of the elevator with Sonoko to find that Kaitou Kid was with Ran. You run towards them but Kid escapes. What do you do?



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