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should Heiji play a bigger part in taking down the Black Organization?

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Heiji being my favourite character in Conan. I was wondering if he should play more of a role with investigating thr bo? But i am not sure. I like im appearing now and again.

As at the moment i think he has hardly any interaction. But why?

Does Conan want all the glory?

Does he think Heiji will be too reckless?

Or its just not Heiji's fight?

Ideally i would still limit his involvement but definately have atleast one case/arch where he does meet and fight with them. Especially Gin and Borbon. But i think he should get really hurt and hospitialized but survive (and epically confess to Kazuha) but then could be used as a decoy for Conan and Ai as i think Heiji can look after himself.

But tell me what you think

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He helped in episode 345 for the Halloween showdown and Conan asked him about his opinion during the Kir hospital arc in the beginning; I think it was that clash of the red and black arc I'm not sure of the name. He also looked into more info on Kir's brother and helped in Movie 13 even though that's not canon.

Also don't forget he lives in Osaka. Most BO stuff happens where Conan is at. Yes Conan planned some stuff with the Clash Arc and the bell train express but like the BO he has to make everything practically unnoticeable, so maybe Heiji's presence one too many times may cause problems? I'm not sure but probably the next big arc or episode showdown between the BO and Conan I'm sure he will ask Heiji for help seeing how they think alike. Also does Heiji even know about Bourbon? Or that Kogoro has a apprentice?

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About Borbon its seems like Heiji id kept in the dark. Like Conan does not even want as much help from Heiji regardimg the BO. I dont mind but just seems strange espesially with he little involvement he has had already.

Will Heiji take part in thr final take down atleast?

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I think Conan's keeping Heiji out of much the BO investigation for his and Kazuha's safety because if it was revealed that Heiji was assisting or running an investigation into them then Heiji and Kazuha would be killed as well as the people connected to him and from what we've seen while Heiji is an excellent detective he does have little concern about his personal safety when his heads stuck in a case.

Also Vodka has seen Heiji disguised as Shinichi, someone that Gin killed, so if Heiji came up in N investigation about the Organization he would be seen as a risk and killed.

Since Conan trusts Heiji I guess he can help but being directly involved I might be if it was completely by coincidence or Heiji encounters on a case with them in Osaka and calls Conan for help.

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I know this was posted like years ago but I just wanted to answer. 


I mean think about it

Heiji spots th bo and recognized them, followed them and gets drugged with aptx 4869 and wakes up as a kiddd!!! 

Don't you think right right righttttttt! :D:D:D

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