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Matryoshka cover (Conan and Kid) Baaroshka

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I DON'T OWN ANYTHING. I JUST FOUND THIS ON YOUTUBE AND THOUGHT IT WAS FUNNY SO I UPLOADED IT HERE :PAll I did is the subs which aren't even there on the video.


Well, if you've never heard Matryoshka, here you go -> Miku and Gumi



And here's what you've been waiting for XD It's called baaroshka. (You probably know what baaro means, so i guess I don't need to tell :P Ask me if you don't know ^^; )


Sorry for the poor subs T_T But anyway, here you go :D (C= Conan K= Kaito)

1, 2 Baaro~

C: The message that was left just before death

     No-one knows what it means, so I solve it

     I'll surely find out the culprit

     A detective who leaves behind no mystery unsolved.

K: No matter how much time passes,

    The Big Jewel Pandora can't be found

     A phantom theif with white wings

     Flies around the world upside down

     Aa, tonight again, hiding my face with a silver monocle

     Aa, landing gracefully, with the moon on my back.

     Hey, why can't you be a bit more serious?

     A safe? Security?

     They aren't my enemies

     It's so simple that I don't know what to do

     Sneaks back home and laughs loudly.

C: Don't be too sure of yourself

     Baaro, baaro

     Magic? miracle?

     Just a trick

     I've seen through every single thing

     Why don't you just get caught by the police?

     Lets speak out in a childish voice

     Purposely in a foolish way like: Ahlele~

     If that doesn't work, there goes the tranquilizer

     And eventually the mystery gets solved

K:  You and me are rivals? Rivals? Rivals?

     Oops, there comes the tranquilizer,

     Swiftly dodged it, 1, 2, 1, 2

     Come on, It's showtime!!

     Try catching me, great detective

     Come on, wiht that deduction,

     Just try catching me.

     Hey listen to something important

     Detective? That's a simple critic

     Stop finding faults for everything

     And become more creative.

C: Don't cry for meeting me,

    Until Conan can return back into Shinichi

    I want you to wait because

    I promise to come back even if I die.

    You and me are rivals? Rivals? Rivals?

    Ahlele~ There goes the hang-glider

    Kicked the ball and "Run after him!"


    It's a murder

K: It's a thief


K+C: Today again is a case waiting in Beika city.


   C: Detective Kid 4869

   K: Theif KID 1412

   C: Detective?

   K: Theif?

   K+C: I'm the winner!

   C: I'll see through everything

   K: I'll take away everything

   K+C: Just give up and disappear! 



1,2, baaro

C: Shinigiwa ni nokoshita messeji

    Dare ni tokezutomo ore ga toku

    Kitto hannin mitsukedasu

    Meikyuu nashi no meitantei.

K: Biggu jueru pandora wa

    Itsumade tattemo mitsukaranee

    Shiroi tsubasa no daikaitou

    Sekai wo sakasa ni tobimawaru


    Aa, koyoi mo gin no monocuru de kaokakushi

    Aa, tsuki wo se ni, mai oriru


    Aonona motto honki wo dashite choudai

    Kinko? Keibi? Ore no teki janai.


    Konna chorokute doushiyouka?

    Funzori kaette takawarai.


C: Yudan taiteki baaro, baaro

    Mahou? Kiseki? Tada no torikku

    Zenbu zenbu minuiteruze

    Sassa to onawa ni tsukiyagare


    Tende youjita koe ageyou

    Wazato manuketa choushi de hora (ahlele~)

    Sorede dame nara musuijuu

    Koushite nazo wa toketeyuku


K: Omee to ore wa raibaru? raibaru? raibaru?

    Otto tondekita masuibari

    Sururi to nukete 1, 2, 1, 2


    Saa, it's showtime!!

    Tsukamaete miroyo meitantei

    Saa, sono suiri de, oitsumete


   Anona chotto kiiteyo daijina koto

   Tantei? Sonna no tada no hihyouka

   Nankuse bakka tsukete neede

   Motto souzouteki ni nareyo

C: Aitai nante nakanaide

    Conan ga Shinichi modoreru made wa

    Mattete hoshiinda, itsuka

    Kanarazu shindemo modorukara


    Omee to ore wa raibaru? Raibaru? Raibaru?

    Ahlele tondetta hangu-guraidaa

    Boru wo ketobashi tsuigeki! tsuigeki!


    Satsujin da!

 K: Kaitou da!


C+K: Kyou mo hora dokokade jiken ga Beika chou.


K: Hanzaisha to iwaretemo

    Oyaji no kataki wo utsumade ore wa

    Shiroi manto wo hirugaeshi

    Kuroi yamiyo wo kakenukeru

C: Tantei 4869

K: Kaitou 1412


C+K: Tantei? Kaitou? Katsuno wa oreda

C: Zenbu zenbu abaite yaru yo

K: Zenbu zenbu ubatte yaru yo


C+K: Sassa to makete inakunare.








Comment, people~ XD

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