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Just made an account here and really loved Detective Conan and yesterday I was searching for Detective Conan Wiki and found what I just watched that morning http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/wiki/A_Cursed_Mask_Coldly_Laughs and I saw it was almost 13 Years old, older than me and I wondered are the creators of Detective Conan still alive if yes do they have facebook,twitter,instagram, etc? 













-Jester one of the biggest fan of Detective Conan

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Welcome to DCW. Yes, Aoyama Gosho, the creator of Detective Conan is still alive and writing - it still isn't over yet. His personal webpage is here: http://www.conatsu.com/

The anime is approaching a high point of one of its long running arcs. That series of episodes will probably take place in July.

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Heyhey!~ Welcome to the forums!~ :D


Kind of cool how a series can last so long xD

But dreadful to get caught up for new comers xDDD

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