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English Dub Names

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On the wiki, I've noticed that some of the characters have English Dub names, even though they never appeared in the English Dub anime. Like Shizuka Hattori=Melinda Hartwell and Makoto Kyogoku=Taylor Somerset. My question is where whoever put the names in got them from.

Anybody know? If so, feel free to say!

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I meant the characters that didn't appear before the anime was cancelled. The manga uses Japanese names, apart from Jimmy Kudo, Rachel Moore, and Richard Moore. Heiji is known as Harley, his dad is Martin, but his mom is Shizuka in the manga. (Check the English version and you'll see!) As for Makoto, his name in the manga is Makoto. So neither of them have appeared in the manga or anime under those names (and they aren't in the special features on the DVDs either). So your anime/manga points don't work. And they don't appear in the English dubbed video game or the movies.

Another issue: Chianti and Korn have English voice actors listed. Where did those come from? The two of them weren't introduced until episode 425, and obviously haven't appeared in an English dub (and voice actors don't apply to the manga). So who put them in and where did they get the info?

If I happened to miss something, please specify how I'm wrong! (But I've got the manga in front of me, so I can't be wrong!)

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