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Dear Anonymous...

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Dear Anonymous,


I just read through the posts and messages you made before (circa 2012) and I don't understand how you were able to type like that. I'm glad you've grown up. I'm proud of you! 


Sincerely yours,


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Dear Anonymous,


I sit here, awake. I wonder what I ever did to deserve someone like you.


You went all in. Not a shred of doubt in you. I only wish I hadn't done what I did, ignorant and foolish as I was. I try to make it up to you, but you just smile and say, what is there to even make up for? That I don't have to feel like I owe you?


Perhaps love is stupid. Perhaps love is wonderful.


Perhaps, we're both in it.




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Dear anon,


How stupid of me to fall for someone I shouldn't.

Maybe this whole thing is destiny forcing us to let go, move on and to do the right thing.

But we'll see. Time will tell. Will things still be the same?

I still hope to say goodbye at the least before one of us leaves.


Yours only for now,


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