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[SPOILER DISCUSSION] File 1,027–File 1,031: Four Guests in the Nagano Snow

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1. Please use spoiler boxes until a full English translation is available.

2. NO DIRECT LINK to any Japanese scans (RAWs) or English scans (Japanese spoiler images are allowed as long as the amount and quality of which are very far away from a full scan).



Just simply type the following:

[spoiler]Text you want to write[/spoiler]

Summaries of 1,027 are now out:


From Manaphy:


"Kogoro decides to go to Nagano after receiving a request/job !
With Amuro & Co, Conan goes to where the sender is, but...!?
The exciting long series starts !"

From Anthony:


"In this chapter, the Mouri family (supposedly Kogorou, Ran & Conan) go to somewhere by train. Kogorou, Conan, Amuro & the small-moustache ojisan wearing the eye patch (Wakita Kanenori) are seen together. After arriving at an annex (hotel), 5 key side characters of the new case are introduced."


And spoiler pics are now out:



No break next week—we can expect 1,028 spoiler pics this time next week.


Speaking of 1,028, a preview is already out, courtesy of Holmes [真呈亜]:


"Conan and Amuro getting a gorgeous magazine cover!"


"Melting the snow, too...
...that burning couple..."

"In the snow, trapped in the church building in Nagano, the four—Conan, Kogoro, Amuro and Wakita—at first request to be picked up...!?"


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36 minutes ago, Kurara-chan said:

Nagano case! This won't be a case in the border between Nagano-Gunma again, right?


  Reveal hidden contents

There is Wakita in this case, then probably Wakana and or Kuroda next case?




But could also be Revealing of RUM‘s Identity, because it seems suspicious what kind of Hat Wakita is wearing. I dont belive that this is just random. 

Not saying that he is RUM, but it could be a Hint.

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Here's a more detailed summary of the case, courtesy of Spimer:



"Well, basically, Kogoro got a letter and emails from a guy who told him to solve a friend's suicide which might be a murder since there's this mysterious cypher found at the feet of the hung man. For some reason, he's told to bring 4 people with him. Initially, Ran and Sonoko were going to come along but Sonoko suddenly got fever so Ran stays to keep her company. She suggested to Amuro to replace her since the Café Poirot owner and Azusa were going on a trip and the café would be closed in the meanwhile. Wakita suddenly appears, saying he wants to come along with his "master" too. 

The 4 of them pick the "Super Azusa" train to go to Nagano and reach and an abandoned church where the client cited them at. There they find a group of 5 who were in the same high school and who've gathered to say farewell to someone. But when Kogoro announces the name of his client, they are startled because the name is that of the person who suicided in the same church 2 months before

Suddenly, the wooden platform that served as parking creaks and breaks, dropping the cars parked there to the valley below. Kogoro and co find that the "parking" sign looks too new compared to the rest of the church so they suspect someone purposely did that to isolate the group there

Also, each group member claims that one of them told them to come but they begin to accuse each other of having sent the email telling them so and come full circle which means that one or more among them are lying. Wakita saying he's getting excited because this feels like the ideal conditions for serial murders to happen

Sheet with the "code" (6x6 grid filled with katakana)
Top row: "Ru-Ki-Se-Da-Ya-su
2nd row: "Fu-Ra-Re-Ya(small)-Pu-Do"
3rd row: "Shi-Bo-Pi-Mi-U-Ku"
4th row: "ーBa-Ki-Sa-Shi-Ka"
5th row: "Chi-I-N-Yu(small)-Ta-Tsu(small)"
Bottomost row: "To-Pa-E(small)-A(small)-Yo(small)-A"

Case characters:
Nichihara Taisei AKA Nicchi (Age unknown) (Supposedly the client, actually suicided by hanging in the old church 2 months before)
Fujide Raito (27) High school teacher
Wada Kouhei (28) Salaryman
Koura Ikue (27) OL (Office Lady)
Kawasaki Yousuke (28) Bank teller
Nishino Sumiya (28) Bartender
Location: abandoned church somewhere in Nagano"


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Apologies for the double post.


1,028 spoiler pics are now out:



And a summary (courtesy of Baka):


"That paper with the floor plan was stuck in the inner side of the chapel and has a message signed by the dead Nichihara
Also, the Nagano police can't get to the building because the tunnel has been blocked by a avalanche
The paper says the following: "If you want to hold a memorial service, go to the places indicated below, and one by one, gather words of condolence"
Also, Amuro suggests using the cards to allow people to choose where they want to go to
If they all pick the same numbers they'll go by the order of the decks (spade, heart, diamond, club)"


No break next week—we can expect 1,029 spoiler pics this time next week.


And here's a very likely solution to the case, for those interested (this Japanese fan deduction was imparted to us by Mycroft):


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So, who left the message? The friend/lover who is now the killer?


I wonder if the next one is a woman or a man the one who will be killed next or will our gathering of detectives manage to stop the killing?


The last war general names are also in Nagano, right?




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Courtesy of Baka and presumenothing, we now have a short summary of 1,029 from Chinese fans:


"Kogoro sends a picture to Koumei who notices something. Amuro and Conan (?) are doing something about the case in the toilet. The glasses guy (Kawasaki?) is the next who should die."


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Spoiler pics of 1,029 are now out, and Fujiwara has provided translation:



And here's a summary, courtesy of Spimer:


Conan asks Amuro about whether he's met RUM. Amuro answers in a roundabout way, saying that if he'd met RUM then Conan would start to check people Amuro relates with, and if he replies that he hasn't met RUM, he'd be wary of unknown persons approaching either Conan or Amuro. In the end he simply gives him a hint: RUM is "very impatient".

Also, Kogoro sends the Nagano police a video of the crime scene and Koumei reacts to seeing Amuro in the background, thinking he's seen him somewhere before.

Also, next victim is Fujide, the bank employee with glasses. He's poisoned with potassium cyanide but there's no reaction from the water in the bottle he was drinking. A new cipher is found next to him too. (Possibly indicating the next crime will be in the study / library)


No break next week—we can expect 1,030 spoilers at this time, next week.

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So imo Nishino guy is the culprit.  
In these sort of scenarios where a bunch of people get stuck at an abandoned house/church/school, the default culprit is the one who had arrived last.
Now given Komei's input that the avalanche was caused by a bomb and the car park destruction, it can be easily done by the person arriving last, anyone can beforehand do this stuff but time bomb type devices won't work here(as there is no set time for the entry of the guests.)

Another solution is remote controlled trigger but that also is sort of impossible because the avalanche had happened a bit earlier and unless the culprit is sure that everyone has reached the destination such a trick is no more than a random guess.


Now for the first victim as it is mentioned earlier Wada is a tall guy and the mechanism would have missed the target if it was anyone other than Wada.
So it was totally set up to kill Wada. But they ascertained the order by a draw, but something interesting had happened.
Nishino created a ruckus to force Amuro away from the draw and then he himself was the one to call out Wada's name.
So if he gave Wada the central chit torn by Ikue then he could identify it uniquely.(As all the four sides would be torn so he can feel it that way.)
Then his next trick to send Kawasaki away is also good. We never knew if his box really had mints or not, we had just heard the sound.
So it was possibly an empty box and he hid the full box in his sleeves. The movement got the sound from that box.  





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A 1,030 spoiler summary is out, courtesy of presumenothing and Baka:



"This file is mainly cracking the cipher & solving the case

Conan seems to be confident
After seeing this blond man koumei is starting to recall stuff

Amuro is in his recollections

And then kuroda calls yamato-keibu to say something."


And here are the spoiler pics, with translations by Fujiwara:


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First Spoilers #1031 (from Facebook)


Seems like the Chapter is mainly about solving the Case. 

At the End, Komei meets Amuro but they don‘t seem to exchange any words..



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