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i have been a Conan and  Sherlock Holmes fan since i was 10. I love it soo much, the mystery, and the action!

My fav characters in order are:

Shinichi Kudo/ Conan

Ran Mouri

Akai Shuichi


Sherry/ Ai Haibara




Chianti (so funny)

Genta (because he always eats-i love food)


What about u guys which characters are ur fav?



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I am exactly like Shin'ichi, I'm a born Genius from great, prosperous, rich ancestry, who rightfully inherited, had perfectly healthy normal small body, smaller neck, huge skull, Brain, eyes, nose, other senses very sharp  like that of Cats. baby face just like East Asians ーmainly Japanese, I read lot of stuff inside my mind eversince I was only 3 years old, unlimited memory, perfect pitch, drawing, painting, I like solving mysteries, riddles, puzzles, codes, maths concepts, problem, splendid easoning  who was tricked & drugged a fateless Black Sunday the 13th exactly 10 years ago. :(

Conan-kun is my savior who helped me learn the wonderful, holy Japanese language, culture which worked as a silver bullet, and  fought against drug effects on my body, prevented my neurological degeneration:)


But despite the damage by toxin drugs to my body, Brain trying it's best to steal my youth, consciousness, bag of wisdom, Kundalini, attacks targeted at myself from inside every single second even now, my wisdom is more-or-less the same, that of a unbeaten invincible normal perfect genius human being. The truth shall prevail!!!!

My version of Conan-kun's catchcopy :D



I lke ShinxRan, Kaito Kid, Bourbon, Vermouth's character,  Kudos, Prof. Agasa:)

Gees! Both Sonoko & Haibara are annoying:lol:

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Hi, yes i really like Vermouth and feel like she is somewhat good, and really like the Kudos but i also like sonoko because she is really nice to Ran.

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Sweet username, I have not seen enough of Akai in the series yet to fully know what his character is like but so far I like him quite a bit.

I just started watching the Detective Conan anime this summer because I heard it is a good anime. It is certainly true, I have loved puzzles/mysteries ever since I could remember. I love the original Sherlock Holmes and Arsène Lupin books. I also really enjoy the cool action scenes, comedy, and emotional parts. This kind of anime is my cup of tea.

All the characters have various traits you can love about them. 

It is hard to pick my favourite characters since I love them all but I guess I could say my top three are:

1) Shinichi/Conan (I am a sucker for protagonists haha) everything he does as Conan is adorable and when he is Shinichi he can be pretty cool.

2) Haibara, her and Shinichi's logical way of thinking and broad amount of knowledge are something I relate to. Plus they can both be sarcastic which is fun.

3) Kaitou KID, I really enjoy magicians and all the awesome tricks they can do. KID is very graceful and dramatic in the cool stunts he pulls off and always makes me laugh when Shinichi/Conan puts a kink in his plans.

I have reasons why I love every character, feel free to ask me about a character or characters and I'll gladly tell you why I love them!

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Glad to see a new Detective conan fan! Its a great anime so far. I agree there are too many characrters that i love. There all funny, mysterious and really cool. But my faviroute has always been Akai, not sure why, but i really like him as a character in the anime!^_^

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