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Found 4 results

  1. When I watched the teaser for the Reload Project, I kind of got a "live-action" vibe from it. Would a live action movie be a possibility? However, other than that feeling, I have no other evidence to say why I get a live-action feeling from it.
  2. Hi there! I've seen many YouTube videos on best Conan funny scenes/moments and fan edited series of Funny Quotes (Read: Conan on Crack), even doing one myself (which you can watch here). But never have I stumbled upon stunt/action scenes from DC movies and anime. I thought they might be rare or fairly non-existent. I, therefore, decided to create a compilation by myself of all the best climax scenes from DC movies. Watch the video on YouTube Please comment with constructive criticism and express your views along the way. Thank you.
  3. As posted in April on DCTP, Discotek has obtained licensing rights to release both Lupin Vs Detective Conan crossovers. Both the special and movie are going to be released on DVD (Doesn't look like they will be released on Blu-Ray for the time being) On twitter, Discotek announced that both the movie and special would be available for purchase by October 27th. You can watch the trailer for Discotek's release of the movie below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QJecgy9q28 Pre-orders are now available for both the movie and the special.
  4. Idk if there is already a forum for the new Conan movie (Private Eye in the Distant Sea) but i just really wanted to start a fresh one. I just watched the movie lately. i'm late ik don't judge me. There has been some really interesting parts about the movie. Feel free to comment and share your opinions on the new movie here. I'm really confused about why Nanami Fujii and the other self defense member been unwilling to tell conan and mouri the situation. That part was so frustrating for me. i was literally screaming at my screen"Just spill it out!!!!!!!" yer..........that's my little rant here........so... i look forward to your responses ^^ Have fun!
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