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  1. Who is that in your profile picture? 0_0

  2. Aw, it's okay. :) And it's good to see you again!

  3. ^^

    Darn I missed your birthday :X

    Happy Late Birthday? Like two weeks later x]]

  4. Uh huh... Sure. ::)

  5. Where I was back from? Secret. ^^

  6. Pretty good. Tired because I didn't get much sleep... Where were you getting back from?

  7. :o So cool. XD

    Gawd, I'm tired. Just got back home today and I'm exhausted....how about you?

  8. You're a mod now! :o Cool.

  9. Mmm, yeah, I think so. :/

  10. I see... I'm doing okay, I suppose. Lots of stuff is happening in my life... At the moment I can't remember. :V

  11. your welcome :>

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