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  5. The Detective Prince Chapter 100 Challenge of the Doubled Edged Murder "Hold on," Officer Celek said stepping in between the two. "You know this kid?" "Yea, he's a close friend of mine," Heiji said in response. "Though I must say, I never expected to see him here." "Is that right," Officer Celek said turning to face him. "So, what's your name?" "It's.. Nogort, call me Nogort." "Nogort?" Officer Celek said with a pause. "That's a very unusual name," Bernadea said. "Can't say I've heard that one before." "You're not the only one, I've never met anyone else with the same name as my own," Shinichi said. "It's rather unique, one which my parents decided on after much discussion." "How very creative of them." "I'd say so myself." "You look familiar in some way," Bernadea said looking him over. "Have we met somewhere before?" "I don't believe so," Shinichi replied. "I'm usually good with faces, I'm sure I would remember if I had seen you before." "You're probably right, it must have been someone else who shared a similar resemblance." "Could be." "I'm sorry about the delay before," Officer Celek said rejoining the fray. "I had no idea you were here on business with the Wayne representative here." "Don't mention it," Shinichi replied. "All is forgiven." "Officer do you think I could talk to.. Nogort alone," Heiji asked. "You know, to catch up and all." "Of course you can," Officer Celek replied. "I was actually getting ready to go over and let Lonard in on what we discovered on the surveillance tapes." "I assure you this won't take long." "I'll come with you," Bernadea said. "My father asked for me to join him after he finished with his phone conversation, that was three minutes ago." "I'll regroup with you as soon as I'm finished here." "No hurry," Officer Celek nodded. "We still have much time before this all going to be sorted out anyway." With that he turned for the other side of the room, going in search of Lonard Fournier along with Bernadea at his side. This left just the three of them. "Ok," Heiji said looking from one to the other. "So who's going to tell me what in the world is going on?" "The jury is still out on that one." Shinichi replied. "What do you mean the jury's still out on that one?!" "In short, we don't really know," Tim said stepping in. "Well, at least not yet." "Was he like this when you returned back to the house?" "Yes." "Ok," Heiji said facing him. "What do you remember happening prior to your transformation?" "It was like any other time, but slightly different," Shinichi replied. "There was no real pain, it was like I was intoxicated with something.. something that kept me from feeling any physical stress during the process." "How did it start," Heiji asked. "Any noticeable symptoms?" "My heart, it was a staggering feeling that provoked enduring pain," Shinichi replied. "But that was only at first, my entire body collapsed in a way I had never felt soon after." "Then what happened?" "I fell into the tub against my own power," Shinichi answered. "With the little strength that I had I was luckily able to maneuver myself to where my head didn't go under, drowning could have been a high possibility if that had been the case." "So you fell into the tub, at what point did the affects of your growth begin to kick in?" "Almost instantly, no more than twenty seconds," Shinichi replied. "My body was completely unresponsive to any move attempted by myself." "Ok, and at what point did you show up in all of this?" Heiji asked directing his attention to him. "And I think that's about where the story ends," Tim replied. "I don't believe the fine details are necessary for us to dive into, we should really be focused on the case, we can always discuss this later." "He's right," Shinichi agreed. "Why don't you get us up to speed on what's been going on during our absence?" "Ok, but first," Heiji said lowering his hands into his pocket. "How much do you know?" "Everything that was learned from you before my departure," Tim replied. "I already briefed him in on the way here." "Great, that saves time." "Anything new we should know," Tim asked. "Did you finally build a case for a list of suspects?" "You'll be happy to know that we have." "Alright then, who are the chain of suspects?" "All of the employees of Nano High currently in this room," Heiji replied. "Anthony Hamilton of of the front desk, Edward Canoe who works in the lower labs, and Lonard himself." "Anthony Hamilton, I saw him on my last visit here," Shinichi said. "What lead to your line up of suspects?" "Not anything through suspicion, I'm strictly going off of who was working at the time of Grahm's estimated death." "And what time was that?" "Twelve midnight." "And those are the only three employees who were working at that given hour?" Tim asked. "Them and two others who have been called in for that very reason, they should be here shortly," Heiji replied. "This case may not be what it seems on the surface, which is why we need to examine every possible approach." "Not what it may seem," Shinichi questioned. "What do you mean?" "Officer Celek and I were invited into the security back room where we were allowed to go over video footage that was recorded around the time of his death." "And what did you see?" "It confirmed all who were signed in were indeed here," Heiji replied. "It wasn't until later in the tape that things got interesting." "In what way?" Tim asked. "After two this morning a man by the name of Nathan Bennet checked in," Heiji informed. "Thing is he used a security clearance card that registered as Grahm Fournier, who of course was already dead." They looked to one another at the sound of this, surprised yet intrigued to learn more. "What's wrong?" Heiji asked at their sudden silence. "Nathan Bennet, we know him," Tim replied. "He's Bernadea Fournier's fiance." "As I was informed not long ago." "Do you believe he had something to do with this?" "I'm not quite sure," Heiji replied. "But there's certainly something not adding up." "What do you mean?" "There's footage of Bennet entering the building, but after checking the camera located in the west wing at that exact time there was no sign of him in that vicinity," Heiji informed. "There was no sign of him anywhere, it's almost as if he vanished with out a trace." "Any sign of him exiting?" Shinichi asked. "No, he went in and was never seen again," Heiji replied. "You'd think he was some kind of ghost or something." "There has to be a logical explanation for this," Shinichi said. "If there is footage of him entering yet none of him leaving, there's a chance he could still be here." "I thought that at first myself until speaking with Bernadea," Heiji said. "According to her he's currently out doing something, something which requires his full attention." "I'd hate to believe he'd be involved with this some how, but we have to take everything into consideration with the uprise of this news," Shinichi said. "What about the body, who was the one to discover it?" "Ms. Fournier," Heiji replied. "I heard it from her myself." "Did she say anything that might be key to what conspired?" Tim asked. "There were no lights on upon her entering, and the room was cold," Heiji replied. "Yet no window was open." "Air conditioning perhaps?" "According to here it's currently non functional." "That puts a dent in that," Tim said. "But that doesn't mean there wasn't a window open at some point in time." "We'll need more than a gut feeling to prove that." "Was there anything else she mentioned," Shinichi asked. "Maybe something along the lines of the surrounding area of where the body laid?" "That's just the thing, once she laid her eyes to the body she took off in shock," Heiji informed. "The next ones to enter that room as we were told was the security official who was working at that time." "Are they looking at him as a suspect as well?" Tim asked. "Not at this time," Heiji replied. "They have surveillance sighting him in the main lobby, which showed him there for hours." "In affect giving him an alibi," Shinichi said. "Anything else we should know?" "Small details here and there, but it's mostly from the ground up from here," Heiji replied. "Though I must say, don't you think it would be in your best interest to sit this one out?" "Why would I do that?" "To avoid the publicity of course," Heiji answered. "After all you don't want a certain organization tailing in at the mention of you." "He's right," Tim agreed. "And if you in fact saw Korn last night like you said it makes even more sense for you to leave this to Heiji and I." "A member of the Black Organization attended the Futures Building grand opening?" "According to Shinichi, yes." "Were you seen?" Heiji asked looking his way. "I don't believe so, but I can't be sure since I lost consciousness." "Doubtful," Tim said on the matter. "You were surrounded rather quickly after your unexpected fall, there wouldn't have been much of a chance for him to get a look." "Regardless, I think you had better sit this one out." Heiji said. "Are you saying you don't want my help?" "That's a strong way of putting it," Heiji replied. "As much as we could use you, I think I can handle this one on my own." "He's right, I think it'd be best if you remained on the side line for this," Tim said in agreement. "I'll call Alfred and have him come and pick you up, I'm sure the blood samples taken from you will reveal what caused your sudden change." "I appreciate the concern, I really do," Shinichi said. "But this is a case I need to work, there might be more to this than appears." "If you're thinking conspiracy within the company, than I've already got that accounted for," Heiji said. "I was just getting ready to discuss those very details with Fournier." "It's deeper than that." "Deeper than what?" "We'll have to hold off on that, we've got company." Shinichi pointed out. They turned at his signal, looking to see a smiling Lonard heading their way. "Hello gentlemen, I hope you don't mind if I join you." "Of course not, this is your office after all." Tim said. "Non sense, you're free to discuss anything amongst yourselves," Lonard said in response. "Speaking of which, who is this with you?" "The name's Nogort." Shinichi replied. "What a unique name that is," Lonard said holding out his left hand. "It's a pleasure." He looked down at his hand with a brief pause, taking seconds before finally shaking it. "As is it for me." "Detective Hattori," Lonard said focusing in on him. "When you're finished here would you mind joining me over at my desk?" "Of course not, I'll be there as soon as we're finished here." "Good, I'll be waiting." He turned back for the left side of the room, heading back to where he had come. "Alright, I'm going to go and see what he wants," Heiji said. "I think it'd be best if the two of you left now." "I'm not going anywhere." "Nor am I," Shinichi stated. "Not until this thing is solved." "I said I have it under control, what part of that do you not understand?" "Now I see what this is all about," Shinichi grinned in realization. "You just want the glory of solving it yourself." "What difference would it make," Heiji questioned. "You're ill, we need to make sure nothing further will erupt in the wake of this all." "Not goanna happen, I'm going to see this thing through." "Come on Drake, let him know the importance of getting a further check up." Heiji said facing him. "I feel fine, never better," Shinichi protested. "No need to worry, I'll have this thing unraveled in no time." "You solving it, you haven't even looked over any of the evidence for yourself." "I think you both are being ridiculous," Tim said. "I see no need for this to become an argument." "The only one who's ridiculous is Kudo," Heiji stated. "He's obviously just interested in his track record." "Now who's being ridiculous?" Shinichi backfired. Tim couldn't help but shake his head, bringing a palm to his face in response to their back and forth bickering. "At this rate nothing is going to get solved." "Fine, since you're obviously not backing out you can try solving it yourself," Heiji said. "The last thing we want is for the police to think I'm collaborating with you two on the matter." "We'll stay subtle," Shinichi said. "Which will mean checking in with you at the most convenient times." "Guess you better look to Drake for assistance," Heiji remarked with a grin. "You'll need the handicap if you're going to solve this sooner than me." "Is that right?" "Let's put it to the test." He turned for the other side of the room with nothing further said, leaving the two as he went in search of Lonard. Tim immediately looked to Shinichi, surprised to see a smirk across his face. "One moment you're arguing, the next you're both smiling," Tim said. "I don't get it." "Don't look too far into it," Shinichi said in response. "It's in our competitive nature." "So that whole thing just now was." "A friendly challenge if you will." Shinichi replied in mid sentence. "I understand your determination, but aren't you concerned about your current state in the slightest," Tim asked. "For all we know there could be something brewing inside you." "There's that chance, but as important as that may be," Shinichi said. "I think I'll be needed for this one." "You're too much." "Trust me, this won't take long." "You have an idea of who might of done this?" "As a matter a fact I do, but nothing solid to back my claim," Shinichi replied. "I'm going to need proof to shed light on any of this." "So where do you stand on this," Tim asked. "Think Heiji will solve this thing before the two of us, let's not forget about the police force in his corner." "Are you in doubt?" "Not even for a second." "Where do you suggest we kick off from?" "By now we're both aware there might be an internal problem within this organization." "Yes." "If that is the case then this whole event might have chained off from that, we need to find out who was at the center of this disturbance." "You're right, and I doubt Fournier will talk to either of us regarding the situation." "Right, he'll only discus that with Heiji or the police officers brought in for that very task," Tim said. "Which means we'll have to do a little digging of our own." "On what front?" "Finances, business deals, you name it," Tim answered. "If this company was experiencing any problems we can find out, all it will take is a call to check all records." "And you're sure they'll give you this information?" "They're now linked with Wayne Enterprises, and as a representative it shouldn't be a problem." "So what's the plan?" "You try and sniff out and expose the culprit, they're bound to have a miss step," Tim replied. "Me on the other hand, I'll see if I can dig up motive for cross reference." "Like the plan." Shinichi said. "I thought you might." "Alright, we'll give it a go," Shinichi said. "But first there's one lingering detail I'd like to go over first." "Which is?" "The temperature the room was at when Bernadea found the body," Shinichi said. "According to Hattori she said it was rather cool, yet the air conditioning is currently down." "This morning presented degrees lowest as forty eight, so it is possible a window could have been open." "If so who closed it, and why?" "What advantage could the shooter have had with an open window," Tim questioned. "The only thing that would come of that is the chance for someone to hear from outside of the building, I'd hardly see that as a logical thing to do." "Do we know the type of gun used in the attack?" "The lab results haven't come back," Tim replied. "But we should know soon enough, they've been examining the body for over an hour now." "What about surveillance, are you telling me the shooting wasn't caught on camera?" "Apparently not." "Guess it's wait and see from here in that regard," Shinichi said. "In the mean time I think we had better gather as much information as we can, paticularly on the victim." "Gaining information on Grahm Fournier won't be hard." "On what field do you mean," Shinichi asked. "Do you plan on checking in on his community records?" "That's something to think about, but not what I had in mind," Tim replied. "What better way to learn about a man than going to those closest to him?" "You plan on gaining this information from his brother?" "Lonard is busy as of now, I think it would be best if we spoke with his daughter instead," Tim replied. "I'm sure she'd be willing to share with us what her uncle was like from her experiences." "Not that I wouldn't mind joining you and all, but don't you think you should talk with her alone," Shinichi said. "She doesn't exactly know me, well not the real me if you know what I mean." "You're concerned about her comfortability level, I understand where your coming from," Tim said. "Especially with what has occurred here today." "Think she'll have it in her to speak to you about him?" "Hopefully," Tim replied. "Only one way of finding out." "While you do that I'm going to run a quick search of the room," Shinichi said. "I'd like to further familiarize myself with the crime scene." "Let me know if anything crucial turns up," Tim said before scouring the room in search of her. "This won't take long, I'll meet back up with you as soon as I've finished." "I'll keep a look out for you," Shinichi said before heading his way. "Good luck with her." He nodded, finally sighting her on the far left side of the room. He took no time in walking toward her. "Let's hope she's up for it." He had found himself a seat at his chair, sorting through the many papers that were laid out before him. Not a moment past that he looked across to see him standing at the edge of the desk. "You wanted to see me?" "Of course," Lonard replied. "I take it you have questions of your own, would you like to have a seat?" "No thanks," Heiji declined. "I'd rather stand." "Very well, I'll leave you to your decision," Lonard said. "So what is it that you'd like to ask of me?" "You were here at the estimated time of your brothers death," Heiji began. "Do you remember what you were doing at the time of twelve last night?" "I was down in the projection room, watching a mandatory tape which all employees will soon have to see as well," Lonard replied. "You can check the camera's, it will confirm what I've said." "And your brother, when do you recall seeing him last?" "Some time after ten, can't remember exactly," Lonard replied. "He claimed he had something to attend to in the office, that's the last I saw of him." "Where was this?" "When we crossed paths in the lobby." "Was anyone with him," Heiji asked. "Did he say he was to meet with someone?" He shook his head in response. "He said nothing of that nature, or anything that would remotely imply that," Lonard answered. "Sounded more like it had to do with desk work." "I see." "Will that be all?" "Actually there's one last topic I'd like to cover with you," Heiji replied. "You called and said you wanted to discuss with me the inner problems of the company, do you think that might have had something to do with this?" "It's a possibility, but can't be certain." "When you called yesterday night it sounded like you were on the brink of discovering something," Heiji said. "Do you know who might be at the heart of the internal problem?" "It's nothing of concern as I had originally thought, I looked into the situation myself this morning before coming in," Lonard informed. "It was nothing but a false alarm." "Completely understood, it's a regular occurrence when it comes to these things." "Do you have anything further you'd like to go over with me?" "Not at this very moment, but rest assured I will most likely return to speak with you at some point," Heiji replied. "I'll leave you to your work until then." "I appreciate that, let me know if you come across something of importance." "That's a definite." Heiji replied before turning back for the crime scene. He made his way around two police officials who were examining the blood stains on the ground, slowing down on his approach as he closed in. It didn't take long for her to take notice of his presence, letting out a half smile at the sight of him. "You're still here, I thought you would haven taken off by now," Bernadea said. "What are you still doing here, I'm sure a guy of your status must have something better to do." "Perhaps, but there's nothing I'd rather being doing right now than helping out here," Tim said in response. "Mind if I ask you a question or two?" "What kind of questions?" "About your late uncle," Tim replied. "If you don't mind, I'd like to know a little more about him." "I already went through this with the other detectives," Bernadea stated. "Did someone put you up to this?" "It has nothing to do with that," Tim explained. "Was just hoping for a little information on him is all." "Regarding his position here at Nano High?" "That would be a good place to start." "He was head man of security," Bernadea began. "He even helped put together all of the surveillance throughout the building." "Sounds like a man of his work." "He was." "Anything else he worked on outside of security?" "He helped with a lot of the electronic stuff," Bernadea replied. "Such as the computers and power lines that were set into place." "You said the air conditioning system is currently down, in the case of that would your uncle have been the one to fix it?" "Most certainly," Bernadea replied. "He's always been the family hands on guy, an admirable quality." "If I were a stranger to him outside of this company, is there something you could tell me about him that I wouldn't know," Tim asked. "Maybe something you as family would only know?" She didn't respond at first, taking seconds for her to process the question presented. "Acting," Bernadea said looking up at him. "He took years of acting class." "Acting class?" "He did great work in the field, and his impersonations of many you may know were pretty spot on," Bernadea said. "You'd have been amazed to have seen an example." "I bet I would have," Tim said. "Is there anything else you might be able to tell me?" "Not that I can think of at the top of my head." "That's alright, you've helped greatly." "I have," Bernadea said a little surprised by his claim. "I'm glad I was able to be of service." "If you remember anything that just happens to surface to your mind come and find me, I'll be around." "Most certainly." "Good talk." Tim smiled before turning for the opposite direction. He left as casually as he had come, looking directly ahead to those throughout the room. "Now to go and touch base." He skimmed the room from end to the other, taking all but a few moments to sight him following the outline of the wall. "Is he onto something?" Curious as to what he was doing he steadily made his way toward him. He could see the strong focus on his face as he neared, doing his best not to distract him from whatever it was he was looking into. He stopped once reaching the right wall, looking over his shoulder to see he had returned. "You're back, that didn't take long," Shinichi said. "What did you learn from the delightful Bernadea?" "Grahm Fournier was head of security, he controlled virtually everything weighing under that department," Tim informed. "I was also given information about one of his lesser known qualities." "Which is?" "Acting," Tim replied. "Something she said he had worked on for years." "Did he ever star in anything?" "Not anything I've seen if so, but interesting to know none the least," Tim answered. "What about you, has your search mounted up to anything?" "Unfortunately not," Shinichi replied. "I checked the air conditioner first, it's just as she said." "Any idea what caused it to break down?" "We'd have to open it up to find out the answer to that, I then looked for any traces of blood where the body wasn't," Shinichi continued. "If someone shot him at close range there might of been a chance they took a step in the large puddle left behind." "I see, you were hoping to find a print of some kind." "Which was ultimately shot down," Shinichi said. "I didn't find any evidence of someone walking out of here after the attack." "What were you doing just now with the walls?" "Looking for any potential evidence, if there was some kind of trick involved the culprit is bound to have left something behind," Shinichi replied. "And if that is the case, I will find it." "Glad to see you're at the top of your game," Tim said. "But what do you say we check out our line of suspects first, we've already spoken with Lonard." "Agreed, it's important that we find out what everyone else was doing at the time of the murder last night," Shinichi said. "If there is any faulty in any of their statements we'll catch it." "I'll take Edward Canoe, he's a pretty stand up guy." "That leaves Anthony Hamilton to me," Shinichi said. "Not to mention the two other suspects who have yet to arrive." "We'll deal with them when they do," Tim said. "Meet you back here in six." "I'll be here." He nodded, heading into the opposite direction of him in search of Mr. Canoe. He had finished his last task, contemplating on what he was to do next. The two crossed paths as they walked, stopping at the sight of the other. "I see you've finished chatting with your friend," Officer Celek said. "How did it go?" "Rather well, nothing unexpected." Heiji replied. "Has he left the building?" "He's actually still here, he plans to stick around for awhile," Heiji answered. "That's Kudo for you." "Kudo..," Officer Celek questioned. "But I thought his name to be Nogort?" "Oh yea, his last name," Heiji smilingly clarified. "Nogort Kudo." "Ok, that makes sense." "Have you checked back in with Cyless of security," Heiji asked. "He might have an update regarding the tapes we went over." "That crossed my mind, I'll go in and check with him as soon as I've spoken with Carol Flowers." "Carol Flowers?" "One of the other employees who was still working past mid night when Grahm was estimated to have been shot." "That's right, you told me that before," Heiji said. "What about the other guy who was here, is he also on his way?" "It's been reported he fell ill this morning and is unable to come in at this time," Officer Celek informed. "But not to worry, two officers have already been sent to his home to question him there." "That keeps us right on schedule," Heiji said. "I'll tell you what, why don't you go and check in with Cyless while I wait here for Carol Flowers." "Are you sure?" "Positive," Heiji replied. "I'd like to speak with her myself if you don't mind." "Of course not, I'll leave it to you." "Where might I find her when she arrives?" "I'd stay right here, she's bound to pass through here," Officer Celek replied. "No way you can miss her, being that all who work here are required to wear their name tags when asked to come in." "I'll keep an eye out for her." "If anyone asks, you know where to find me," Officer Celek said turning for the right. "I'll be back as soon as I can." He left with nothing further needed to be said, heading down the hall toward where the security back room was located. He had searched more than half of the room, finally sighting him in the the upper corner of the left wall with his arms crossed. There was no one within five feet of him, signaling he was alone for at least the moment. Taking advantage of this opportunity he headed straight for him. "Hello there," Tim said stopping upon reaching him. "Edward Canoe right?" "Who are you, another detective looking to humor me with more questions?" "Well kind of, if you want to put it that way." "Like I told the others before you, I didn't hear or see anything," Edward explained. "I was in the basement labs the entire night." "And at what time did you leave the building?" "Three thirty sharp, are we done?" "Did you notice anything unusual at that time?" "Not until this morning when I returned to find you and your group of investigators ransacking the building." He shook his head at this remark. "What a joy this is turning out to be," Tim thought. "Hopefully Shinichi is having better luck." He stood in place as the downward ascension continued, setting his eyes to the number pallete which shifted to '1' soon after. The elevator door opened moments afterward. He stepped out, heading left to where the main lobby was located. It took little time for him to make his way around the corner, looking across the room to see Mr. Hamilton back in his place behind the front desk. He wasted no time in walking toward him. "Mr. Hamilton, mind if I have a word?" "Of course not, customer service is number one on my resume," Anthony replied. "How is it that I may help you?" "I'm actually here on behalf of a friend, a detective helping with the investigation of the death of your college." "I already gave my statement." "I was sent down for another," Shinichi informed. "We're trying to get every detail down to the last thread." "Alright, what is it you'd like to know?" "Let's start with the time of the murder," Shinichi said. "Do you recall hearing or seeing anything around that particular time?" "Which would have been at about mid night correct?" "That's right." "I was down here at the lobby at that time, but I did hear something about two hours later," Anthony informed. "While walking I heard a loud thump from above, like the sound of a brick hitting dirt ground." "Where exactly did you hear this?" "While on the eighteenth floor," Anthony replied. "I had gone up there in storage to grab a couple supplies before clocking out to head home." "Storage," Shinichi asked. "You were in a storage room when you heard this noise?" "On my way to it," Anthony replied. "I heard that noise while still in the hall, don't know how relevant that could be." "True, being that the murder occurred two hours prior," Shinichi said. "I'm sure it was nothing to worry about." "I was thinking the same." "Have you shared any of this information with anyone else?" "Yea, that young looking detective," Anthony replied. "The one with the cap." "Appreciate your cooperation, I'll be sure to stop back by if I have any more questions." "Works for me, won't be going anywhere for awhile." He turned back to the other side of the room, taking only a few steps before hearing the automatic entry doors slide open. He immediately looked to the right to see a woman being escorted in by six police officers who covered both sides of her. "Must be one of the others who was working past twelve last night," Shinichi thought as he watched them walk across the room. "Looks like they're heading for the elevators, might as well follow them." He did just that, following the small group around the corner to where the elevators could be found. He stood a few feet away from the seven, glimpsing over at her to see she had on a lab jacket similar to the one he had seen Mr. Canoe wearing. "Looks like I was right, her attire all but confirms it." Just as he was to make a move toward her the arrival of the elevator left of him opened wide for all to enter. He watched as the seven stepped in, deciding he'd wait for the next one. "That one's crowded enough, there's no harm in waiting for the next." He pressed down to the pad, signaling for an elevator of his own which didn't take long for it to come. "Now to see what kind of progress the other two have made in my absence." Shinichi said before walking in with the doors sliding shut from behind. He took to the center as the ascension back to the top floor began. It didn't take long for it to reach the twenty fifth floor. He walked out, surprised not to see the woman and the six officers that had been at her side. "Where did they go, no way they could have reached the room in such a short amount of time," Shinichi said. "I wasn't that far behind." He stood there for only a few seconds more, finally making his way back to Mr. Fournier's office where most everyone else was. He arrived back to the room only to move off to the right side at the sound of something being sprayed from the left. He turned after doing so to see a security official with an air spray in hand. "That will about do it, no need to spray anymore," Lonard instructed. "That should be enough to close out that foul odor." "Yes of course." The officer replied. He paused at this, standing there for moments to come before having someone step up to his side. "How did your meet go?" "He was very forth coming," Shinichi replied facing him. "Hamilton told me everything he had been doing at the estimated time of death and beyond." "Great, wish I could say the same," Tim said. "Mr. Canoe seemed more interested in asking questions of his own rather than answering any that were posed." "Think he's got something to hide?" "I wouldn't doubt it," Tim said. "But if he is, he most certainly didn't show any signs of it in his speech pattern." "Want me to try and give it a go?" "No need for now," Tim replied. "Besides, I'm sure you would receive similar results." "Did he say anything at all?" "He claims he was in the low levels labs at the time mid night rolled around," Tim answered. "According to him he didn't hear or see anything." "Typical for most to say." "What about the clerk man," Tim asked. "What exactly did he tell you?" "At the time of twelve he claimed to have been down in the lobby," Shinichi replied. "He said we could check the security camera's to back his story." "Anything else?" "Roughly two hours later he said he heard a noise while on the eighteenth floor." "What was he doing on the eighteenth floor?" "On his way to the storage room to collect something before heading home." "What kind of noise was described?" "The sound of something dropping with heavy force," Shinichi replied. "He said it came from one of the floors above." "That's a new twist." "It's something to think about, but probably has no barring to what we're dealing with now." "You're probably right." "Right about what?" The two looked over at the sound of his voice to see he had rejoined them. "How's the case coming along?" Heiji asked. "Progress." Shinichi replied. "Same here," Heiji said. "Nothing clear on who committed the crime as of yet from my end, how about either of you?" "Let's just say I'm weighing in on a possibility, a very subtle one," Tim replied. "I have found no truth to it as of yet, just a hunch." "Something of that nature has come to me as well." Shinichi said. "Like what," Heiji said stepping forward. "Don't leave me hanging." "What happened with your talk with Lonard," Tim asked. "What did he say concerning the problem within the company?" "He claims he was onto something, but when investigated turned out to be a red herring." "Could it be," Tim said. ".. A mirror sided performance?" "What now?" He wasn't given the chance to answer, interrupted by Officer Celek who joined the them. "Hattori, there's a problem that requires our immediate attention," Officer Celek said. "I was informed on my way back from the security room." "What kind of problem?" Heiji asked. "Apparently it has something to do with one of the elevators." Officer Celek replied. "Don't they have hired mechanics for that, we should be focused in on the death of Grahm Fournier." "I feel the same way, but they have asked for our attendance," Officer Celek stated. "I'll meet you out there." With that he turned for where he had come, heading straight for the door. "I guess I better go ahead and follow him," Heiji said. "Either of you planning on coming?" "Might as well," Tim replied. "Who knows what this might mount up to." "You two go, I'll catch up with you soon." "Your call," Tim said. "Come on, let's go see what this is all about." "Right with you." With Heiji leading the way the two headed for the door. He simply stood there, feeling the edge was near, one flipped by complete deception. He stood straight in his stance, turning back to where the blood stain could clearly be seen. "The entrance, the known inconsistency.. could he have been the one to commit the crime," Shinichi thought to himself. "And what of the tapes, key sequences are missing from the recordings... what could it possibly mean?" To Be Continued
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