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  1. You changed your name! :0

  2. I've decided to start Part of You over. I'm not happy with it at all. I mean most things I'll keep, but there are a lot of plot holes. :/

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    2. Cammy3131


      Even Taken!? awww, I really liked Taken :(

    3. hopes


      @Saki-chan :( Aw... Oh well. It can't be helped...

      @Cam-chan Yes. Did you not get the notification for the chapter?

    4. hopes


      @Saki-chan :( Aw... Oh well. It can't be helped...

      @Cam-chan Yes. Did you not get the notification for the chapter?

  3. Hey everyone! I have 9 new drawings! So check them out and let me know what you think~! Onegai~ Check them out here: ---> NEW DRAWINGS
  4. Currently working on Part of You. Maybe I'll be able to do a couple updates this weekend! XD

  5. where is "there" anyway?

  6. I meant I have an exam tomorrow too ^__^;;

    But it's 15 o'clock here.

  7. I kill you for not posting something to kill you with. It it law A sonic screwdriver
  8. lol, same. What subject for you?

  9. I know (once again sorry about ruining your plot -___-;;) =3 what's up?

  10. You find some major spoilers hidden in DCW and hyperventilate yourself to death Science
  11. *ducks and starts running* WHOA-WHOA! I'LL BE GOOD! JUST PUT THAT DANGEROUS WEAPON AWAY! ^__^;;


  13. \o\\o\o||o||o//o//o/


  14. Just got home from the ACTs -_____-;; Math will never be a good suject for me...*sigh*

    1. A L

      A L

      It's very easy!

    2. hopes


      Ugh, math... >_> We're doing probability right now...

  15. Just added you XD

  16. I'm good =P I've been trying to write, but I have ACT and MME this upcoming week and I've been studying a lot as well.

    And Sweet~!!! I haven't used my skype in a while -___-;;

  17. (>//////<)


  18. HOW ARE YOU? *hugs*


  20. HI~~!!!!!!!!!! Yup I'm back!! Hopefully for a long time this time around XDXD

  21. SATOO-SAN <33 I'm on again-if you come back later =S

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