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About me

Hey, Cammy3131 Here! ^_^

There isn't much that is really interesting about me except for the fact that I love Detective Conan <3

I also draw a lot of Detective Conan fanart and I have my own deviantart that I put it on

http://cammy3131.deviantart.com/ <--- Here's a link to my deviantart where you can check out my lasted pictures I've drawn ^__^

I also write fanfiction for Detective Conan and I have my own account on fanfiction.net under the same username

http://www.fanfiction.net/~cammy3131 <--- Here's the link for my Profile page where you can read some of the few stories I have ^__^


Favorite Character: A tie between the Great Detective of the East and West :)

Favorite Case: Locked Room Murder Case (with Hattori Heiji)

Favorite Pairing: ShinRan (if we were counting Magic Kaitou it would definitely be KaiAoko ^_^ )

Favorite Shinichi quote:

"When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable must be the truth."


10 facts about me you may not already know:

1.) I'm a klutz (plus I'm accident prone :roll: )

2.) I've been watching Detective Conan for 4 years now

3.) I'm a super-fan when it comes to Supernatural (the TV show) :P

4.) My favorite DC movie so far is a tie between 14 and 7

5.) My first anime was Full Metal Alchemist

6.) I like SLASH (but I also like the Canon pairings)

7.) I REALLY don't like my sister

8.) I use to draw really, really badly

9.) I've seen a lot of full anime series and read even more manga stories than that. So I'm involved in a lot of other anime fandoms.

10.) I'm studied to major in Cinematography

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